What We Do

The Premier Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Contractors’ Success

The Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) is an industry-leading nonprofit organization passionately committed to helping contractors achieve success in their businesses through a variety of education, training, services, tools and other offerings. To learn more about what we do, our 80-plus-year history, the latest organization and industry news, our management team, and more, click the links below or continue reading this page. You’ll find that, not only are we the contracting industry’s premier membership organization, but our nonprofit model allows us to deliver more business-growth benefits at a lower cost than any other industry association.

How We Serve the Industry

The Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to contractors’ success and the advancement of the home services industry.

EGIA serves a rapidly-growing network of HVAC, insulation, windows, solar and geothermal contractors, as well as regional distributors, product manufacturers and other trade allies, delivering unparalleled business solutions that include: world-class business education & training, customer financing solutions, product & services discounts, groundbreaking industry trend research and more.

EGIA is also a recognized leader in delivering sponsored demand management and resource efficiency services on behalf of electric, gas and water utilities and municipalities. EGIA services include financing; rebate program administration and rebate processing; contractor network management, training and certification; and sales channel development and support. EGIA has facilitated the financing of over 450,000 residential and business projects valued in excess of $8 billion, and administered over $1.5 billion in rebate payments.

The Nonprofit Difference

Unlike other contractor groups, EGIA is a nonprofit organization that is solely motivated by uplifting the home services industry and helping contracting businesses thrive. Members can rest assured that, at all times, EGIA has their best interest at heart and, thanks to the nonprofit structure, we’re constantly reinvesting all membership dues into developing new programs and services to help members build more sustainable, successful and profitable businesses.

For this reason, you know that we never put profits ahead of our members’ profits; that’s simply not how we’re built. Our success is measured by our contractors’ success and the overall health of the home services industry. We are here to help and we want your contracting business to join us in our mission to push the industry forward. You can look far and wide, but you’ll never find that level of the commitment anywhere else in our industry.


With roots dating back to the original Gas & Electric industry events of the early 1930’s, the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) was officially formed by the 1966 merger of the Northern California Electrical Bureau and the Gas Appliance Society of California.

Originally headquartered in San Francisco, EGIA began as a nonprofit membership association with the mission to help promote the sale of energy-efficient appliances for retailers throughout the state of California. By 1980, EGIA served a member base of more than 1,000 California appliance retailers.

Due to rapid organizational growth, EGIA soon moved its headquarters to Sacramento, California and expanded its focus to include the advancement of the home-services industry through a nationwide network of contracting businesses.

Today, with thousands of members nationwide, EGIA is one of the most robust, fastest growing contractor organizations in the country.