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Industry Leading Financing

EGIA has been providing industry leading energy efficiency and renewable energy financing in support of utility and government sponsored programs for over two decades. During the past 10 years alone, through its sponsored and contractor direct programs EGIA has facilitated financing of over 400,000 residential and business projects valued in excess of $4.5 billion. Over this period, EGIA has administered financing programs for over 20 leading utility companies and state agencies, nationwide.

To support utility, municipal and state program sponsors and ensure program success, EGIA provides in depth contractor training on how to sell financing and has developed all the necessary contractor sales tools and collateral materials to support program implementation.

In early 2021, EGIA further enhanced its financing platform transitioning from the EGIA Financing Clearinghouse to OPTIMUS “Home Improvement Financing Made Easy”. OPTIMUS is the game-changing one-stop financing platform that has reimagined the traditional financing process for both homeowners and contractors, delivering industry leading approval rates, time saving efficiencies and an unparalleled customer experience.

OPTIMUS delivers:

  • An all-in-one, multiple lender, homeowner financing program
  • Built in first, second and third-look financing solutions
  • Single application process that automatically flows the application to the lender most aligned to meet customer requirements
  • Approvals for customers with even the most challenged credit
  • Loans with funding up to $65,000 and repayment terms out to 12 years

For utilities and government program sponsors, more financing approvals means more high efficiency, electrification and renewable energy projects are funded and installed, driving enhanced levels of customer engagement, improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

For more information regarding utility and government programs, please contact:

Eric Hatton