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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
This Weeks Featured Content
Earlier this month, we kicked off the 2017 EGIA Contractor University Conference Tour in San Diego to rave reviews. Now you can see what all the buzz is about by watching the short highlight video linked below.
Conference Video
Upcoming Conferences
New Orleans, LA
March 16th & 17th
St. Louis, MO
April 13th & 14th
Philadelphia, PA
May 4th & 5th
Phoenix, AZ
October 19th & 20th
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Price for Profit and Finalize More Sales with Financing
Tuesday, February 28th – 10:00–11:30am Pacific (1:00-2:30pm Eastern)
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Presented By:
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Drew Cameron,
President, HVAC Sellutions and Energy Design Systems, Inc.
Upcoming EGIA Contractor University Educational Workshops
Below is a quick run-down of the EGIA Contractor University educational workshops that are scheduled between now and the end of March. Don’t forget that Premium EGIA members can pay for the cost of attending these events by utilizing their EGIA Contractor University savings account funds that they earn each month as a result of their membership investment.
MAR 1 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Dallas, TX
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MAR 1-2 — Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop – Livermore, CA
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MAR 3 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Houston, TX
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MAR 7 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – Lakeland, FL
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MAR 9 — Learning, Leading and Leaving a Legacy – Atlanta, GA
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MAR 21 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Philadelphia, PA
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MAR 21-22 — Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation – Dallas, TX
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MAR 22-23 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional – Chicago, IL
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MAR 22-23 — Technician Communication & Selling – St Louis, MO
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MAR 23 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Baltimore, MD
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MAR 23-24 — Service Operations Excellence – Houston, TX
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MAR 28 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – Sacramento, CA
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MAR 28 — Introduction to Branding & Marketing Excellence – Chicago, IL
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MAR 29-30 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop – Atlanta, GA
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MAR 30 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – San Diego, CA
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HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Building Trust
HVAC Sales Academy Video
One of the biggest factors in sales is trust. Everyone buys from people they trust. When done right, building trust can even help overcome price challenges during the sales process. But building trust isn't something that you do in certain parts of the sales process. Trust building is done throughout the ENTIRE process. It's also fairly simple and easy to do. This week, we're going to cover how to build trust with your homeowner throughout the sales process.
Premium EGIA Members: Log-in at the link below and click on the HVAC Sales Academy box in the Contractor Portal to watch this week's training and learn more building trust.
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the HVAC Business Best Practices online training platform. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.
iconTEMPLATE: Controller or Bookkeeping Expectations and Role Description
It is important to have your financial function well organized to capture and report any operational aspects of a company for review and adjustments. In addition, the financial function's role is to prepare pro forma or forecasts and do some level of estimating forward. Learn the role of the accounting and financial function.
iconTEMPLATE: Lead Coordinator Role and Expectations
Use the material here to shape your customized expectations and role description for your lead coordination function, job scheduling and scheduling of Comfort Advisor selling functions.
iconTEMPLATE: Sales Manager Role Description and Expectations
Utilize the tool here to develop your own company's sales management role and expectations documentation to drive sales performance.
iconTEMPLATE: Customer Call Center Manager Role and Expectations
Use this role and expectations documentation for the Call Center Manager and create your own version to drive call center performance.
iconTEMPLATE: Interview Guide for Accounting & Financial Roles
Use this guide to develop your interview strategy, goals, preparation, questions and how you may want to approach the entire process to properly evaluate a candidate.
iconTEMPLATE: Interview Guide for Sales
Utilize the interview template here to improve or enhance your technique for interviewing a prospective candidate.
iconTEMPLATE: Training Debriefing Form - Execution
Use this debriefing form to gauge what, if anything, your employee learned during the training and how they plan to implement the process in their role. Debrief with every employee after each workshop they attend.
iconTEMPLATE: Indoor Air Quality - Specialist
Review and customize this Indoor Air Quality Specialist role description for your own company.
iconTEMPLATE: General Manager Role and Expectations
Utilize this template to create a General Manager role and expectations document for your own company.
iconTEMPLATE: President of Company
The president of any company has to have a role and expectations to create accountability for the position. Take a look at what a company president is tasked with completing inside this role description.
iconTEMPLATE: Selling Technician Example Plan
There is no one correct way to compensate technicians. Here is a sample template to consider. Review the ideas here and formulate your own pay structure.
iconDOCUMENT: Termination Process
No individual or company wants to de-hire or terminate an employee. The process is filled with emotion, conflict, and is generally a change that has deep reasons such as underperformance so it's simply a must-do but no fun to execute. Use this article and letter to learn how to be professional in this situation and remain compliant with your states legal requirements.
iconDOCUMENT: The Business Model of Indoor Air Quality
Learn about the business of IAQ in addition to some concepts about integrating this into your company’s sales model.
iconDOCUMENT: Duct Renovation and Rehab for Airflow
This document details the information about renovating a duct system and creating a total comfort system that performs to its peak. Airflow and control of leakage, insulation, and a general duct system overview are important components of a well-functioning system.
iconDOCUMENT: Defining Pay Plans for Selling Technicians
There is a need to define the pay plan for any sales position including the selling technicians. Most companies will have their own variations of a compensation plan, and of course no one plan is right or wrong, only the idea that what you pay should align with your company code of conduct, goals, and role for that position. Learn more about what may be the elements to consider and customize your own approach.
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For more information contact EGIA Member Services at 866-502-2021
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