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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
This Weeks Featured Content
The first stop on the 2017 EGIA Contractor University Conference tour is a wrap! Nearly 300 contractors attended last week's conference at the historic Hotel del Coronado in San Diego and the initial feedback has been overwhelming positive. Check out the EGIA Blog to view a full photo gallery of the event, watch behind the scenes video interviews with the keynote presenters and more.
San Diego Recap on the EGIA Blog
Didn't Get a Chance to Attend the Conference in San Diego?
Don't worry, the conference tour will be making 4 additional stops in 2017 with the next stop taking place March 16th and 17th in New Orleans. Click on the Conference Tour link below to learn more and register today!
2017 Conference Tour Website
Upcoming EGIA Contractor University Educational Workshops
As a reminder, EGIA members have access to register for any of the upcoming EGIA Contractor University Educational Workshops that are happening all over the country. Premium members can even pay for the cost of attending these events by utilizing their EGIA Contractor University savings account funds that they earn each month as a result of their membership investment. Below is a quick run-down of the educational workshops that are scheduled between now and the end of March. For a full list of workshops, visit www.egia.org/events.
MAR 1 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Dallas, TX
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MAR 1-2 — Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop – Livermore, CA
Learn More & Register
MAR 3 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Houston, TX
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MAR 7 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – Lakeland, FL
Learn More & Register
MAR 9 — Learning, Leading and Leaving a Legacy – Atlanta, GA
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MAR 21 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Philadelphia, PA
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MAR 21-22 — Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation – Dallas, TX
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MAR 22-23 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional – Chicago, IL
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MAR 22-23 — Technician Communication & Selling – St Louis, MO
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MAR 23 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Baltimore, MD
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MAR 23-24 — Service Operations Excellence – Houston, TX
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MAR 28 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – Sacramento, CA
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MAR 28 — Introduction to Branding & Marketing Excellence – Chicago, IL
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MAR 29-30 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop – Atlanta, GA
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MAR 30 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – San Diego, CA
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Register for This Month's Webinar
Price for Profit and Finalize More Sales with Financing
Tuesday, February 28th – 10:00–11:30am Pacific (1:00-2:30pm Eastern)
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Presented By:
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Drew Cameron,
President, HVAC Sellutions and Energy Design Systems, Inc.
HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Market Research and Intelligence
Now that we've established some of the marketing options that are open to you and some of the big ideas to keep in mind throughout the marketing planning stage, it's time to start looking at the current market. Sure, you could blindly create a marketing plan, throw it out there, and hope for the best, but, like with any endeavor, you'll garner far better results with proper research and planning. Using marketing research and marketing intelligence to your advantage will increase your marketing platforms effectiveness exponentially. So, what exactly is "marketing intelligence"? How do you conduct your own market research? To answer these questions, we turn once again to the President of EPC Equity and EGIA Contractor University Faculty Member, Gary Elekes.
HVAC Sales Academy Video
Premium EGIA Members: Log-in at the link below and click on the HVAC Sales Academy box in the Contractor Portal to watch this week's training and learn more about marketing research and intelligence from Gary Elekes. Remember, access to the acclaimed HVAC Sales Academy is now included as a part of premium EGIA membership.
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the HVAC Business Best Practices online training platform. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.
HVAC Sales Academy VideoVIDEO: Developing Your Company Marketing Plan
Learn about developing a company marketing plan and the various details to consider as you create your blueprint.
iconTEMPLATE: Debriefing Template Form
Example debriefing form. Customize your company's version based on call procedures, sales process and culture.
iconTEMPLATE: Technician Social Styles Evaluation Tool
Use this tool to determine a technicians main attributes at work and then train around the process of how to get along with those personalities that are opposite. The tool has materials built in to guide how to react or in some cases not react.
iconTEMPLATE: Service Manager Expectation and Role Training Service to Sell
Use the example role description to define how and what you want your service manager to do in relationship to training service and maintenance technicians.
iconTEMPLATE: Expectations and Role of A Service Technician in Sales
Utilize this template as an annual expectations document, performance metrics guide, and as a definition of the role you expect from your service technicians.
iconTEMPLATE: Customer Service Assessment for Technicians
Customer service evaluation tool for technicians to determine awareness levels for training.
iconTEMPLATE: Technician Skill Development
Technician training example spreadsheet
iconTEMPLATE: Technician Skill Development - Full Detail
Detailed position by position skills chart for training and development, including customer relationships and selling.
iconTEMPLATE: The Exit Interview Template
Use this form to create your own practice for exit interviews in a voluntary case.
iconTEMPLATE: Example Code of Conduct
Use the example to create your own code of conduct policy. It is wise to have a local labor attorney review your final code of conduct policy to ensure its compliance with your state's laws.
iconTEMPLATE: Employee Handbook Sample 1
Sample employee handbook for review and modification.
iconTEMPLATE: Employee Handbook Example 2
A differing set of handbook notes and policies. Modify and update for your use and have a legal review performed once completed.
iconTEMPLATE: Application for Employment
Utilize the example forms to customize your employment application for your company.
iconTEMPLATE: Role Description Operations Manager
Sample Operations Manager expectations letter and role description for edit and use.
iconTEMPLATE: Role Description and Expectations for Service Technician
Service Technician role description
iconTEMPLATE: Role Description and Expectations for Service Manager
Service management expectations document and role description for use, edit and implementation.
iconTEMPLATE: Role Description and Expectations for Customer Service Manager
Use this template to design your company role description, expectations, KPIs, and training for the customer service management function.
iconTEMPLATE: Expectations and Role Description - Comfort Advisor
Utilize this example expectation and role, KPI's for Comfort Advisors. Adjust accordingly to your company metrics, compensation and training plans.
iconTEMPLATE: Expectations and Role Description - Commercial Account Manager
Use the role description to shape your own company platform. Adjust the KPI's, compensation and focus development for your own company.
iconTEMPLATE: Expectations and Role Description - Dispatcher
Customize your company's role description for the dispatch function.
iconTEMPLATE: Expectations and Role Description - CSR
Use this role description for CSRs to create a customized version for your company with metrics, training and compensation.
iconTEMPLATE: Controller or Bookkeeping Expectations and Role Description
It is important to have your financial function well organized to capture and report any operational aspects of a company for review and adjustments. In addition, the financial function's role is to prepare pro forma or forecasts and do some level of estimating forward. Learn the role of the accounting and financial function.
iconTEMPLATE: Lead Coordinator Role and Expectations
Use the material here to shape your customized expectations and role description for your lead coordination function, job scheduling and scheduling of Comfort Advisor selling functions.
iconTEMPLATE: Sales Manager Role Description and Expectations
Utilize the tool here to develop your own company's sales management role and expectations documentation to drive sales performance.
iconTEMPLATE: Customer Call Center Manager Role and Expectations
Use this role and expectations documentation for the Call Center Manager and create your own version to drive call center performance.
iconTEMPLATE: Interview Guide for Accounting & Financial Roles
Use this guide to develop your interview strategy, goals, preparation, questions and how you may want to approach the entire process to properly evaluate a candidate.
iconTEMPLATE: Interview Guide for Sales
Utilize the interview template here to improve or enhance your technique for interviewing a prospective candidate.
iconTEMPLATE: Training Debriefing Form - Execution
Use this debriefing form to gauge what, if anything, your employee learned during the training and how they plan to implement the process in their role. Debrief with every employee after each workshop they attend.
iconTEMPLATE: Indoor Air Quality - Specialist
Review and customize this Indoor Air Quality Specialist role description for your own company.
iconTEMPLATE: General Manager Role and Expectations
Utilize this template to create a General Manager role and expectations document for your own company.
iconDOCUMENT: The Perfect Service Call
Here is an example of the perfect service call process. This includes a breakdown of the steps a service technician can utilize via the company's process to successfully create a positive customer experience. Develop your own service call process and train around these principles.
iconDOCUMENT: Service Call Analysis Debriefing
Understand the process of debriefing after each call in the field with the service technicians.
iconDOCUMENT: Technician Relationship Building with Customer Using Social Styles
All customers are not the same and many are agitated by the time we arrive to service their equipment leading to a difficult set of conditions in building relationships. Any savvy technician knows once the problems are addressed, the homeowners often become best friends, yet what leads great customer service technicians to achieve this result? The answer is they are good with people. Specifically reading people, or technically the awareness of one's social style and its effects on others around them. By de-escalating the situation via listening skills and command of the call process, we can work on becoming better at customer service by excelling at personality styles. Learn how and why in this practice.
iconDOCUMENT: Lead Turnover Process for Service Technicians
Learn about the immediate sales opportunities and lead turnover process. This article defines the process for any service department to utilize. Not all technicians can or will be effective at selling, therefore a lead turnover model is necessary for many companies.
iconDOCUMENT: Lead Turnover Sales Process for Maintenance Technicians
Learn how to have your maintenance technicians create leads from the opportunities on service agreement calls and general precision tune ups (PTU). It is critical we generate some leads from these opportunities. This article reviews the example process.
iconDOCUMENT: The Technician Repair Versus Replacement Process Article
Learn about the fundamentals of repair versus replacement for technicians to sell or create lead turnovers.
iconDOCUMENT: Creating More Leads in Demand Service
Learn more about the technicians role of creating a lead if not a direct sale.
iconDOCUMENT: Technician Customer Relationship Training Manual
Training manual for technicians to evolve skills from a technical fix only role to a customer experience leader.
iconDOCUMENT: Employee Testing Article - Learn the Process
Creating an environment of success for team members is a big key in developing employees and your company. Utilizing a testing process based on desired skills and work requirements is a smart business practice. Dedicate your training around gap areas in skills and focus on that development until it is in place. Learn the basics of the use of testing to support team development.
iconDOCUMENT: Sample Interview Questions & 10 Mistakes We Make
From this article, learn the questions you can use in an interview. There is a large list to pull from to cut your preparation time down, and also learn about the 10 most frequent mistakes made in interviewing procedures.
iconDOCUMENT: Code of Conduct for Employees
A basic code of conduct allows for employees to understand the company values and behaviors expected. Without a code of conduct, employees sometimes don't know what the real rules are inside an organization and as leaders we need to clarify.
iconDOCUMENT: Employee Handbook
Use this article on the employee handbooks to be certain your handbook is organized to keep your company in sync with state and federal law, as well as the important policies you wish to promote within your firm.
iconDOCUMENT: Key Practices in HR
Study the major principles to structure your company's HR platform
iconDOCUMENT: Termination Process
No individual or company wants to de-hire or terminate an employee. The process is filled with emotion, conflict, and is generally a change that has deep reasons such as underperformance so it's simply a must-do but no fun to execute. Use this article and letter to learn how to be professional in this situation and remain compliant with your states legal requirements.
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