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Utility & Government Rebate Administration

For decades, EGIA has implemented some of the country’s largest and most successful energy efficiency and water conservation rebate programs for utilities, water agencies, municipalities and state agencies. Over the years, EGIA has continuously strengthened its rebate processing and database management infrastructure and automated processes and today offers program sponsors and their customers the most secure, quality focused and cost effective rebate administration services.

EGIA’s years of experience administering a wide range of rebate programs, providing design flexibility tailored to program sponsor requirements, comprehensive and proven program administration and unparalleled service offers energy efficiency and water conservation program managers the clear EGIA advantage:

  • Over 30 years experience administering utility, water agency and state sponsored rebate programs.
  • A proven rebate management system that has resulted in the accurately and timely processing of over 2.5 million energy and water efficiency rebates in the past ten years alone.
  • Secure and accurate funds management systems that have safeguarded the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsored program funds.
  • High quality customer service that exceeds partner expectations.
  • Secure database management system designed to track and store data and generate accurate program reporting.

With over 30 years experience administering some of the largest energy efficiency and water conservation rebate or cash back incentive programs in the country, EGIA has seen just about every imaginable program design, results tracking and program implementation structure. As a result, we have created industry best practices for the design, development and execution of cost-effective rebate programs.

EGIA directly and through our sub-contractors work with program sponsors to thoroughly understand sponsors program goals and objectives and then design implementation strategies to maximize results.

This can take the form of simply meeting with program sponsors at an advisory level to share industry best practices, developing a target marketing strategy and creating program collateral materials that effective inform and educate consumers, conducting contractor/ retailer training, online sales tools and webinars to energize channel partners, facilitating consumer workshops to promote program participation, leveraging EGIA’s national relationships with manufacturers, big box retailers and other industry organizations, up to full rebate program administration and marketing.

EGIA’s rebate processing system has been designed to ensure accurate, timely payment of qualifying purchases and prompt and courteous follow-up. It is supported by a superior database management system that significantly reduces the chance of errors by automating most of the system functions.

Our rebate processing system is designed to cost-effectively process traditional mail-in applications, instant rebate coupons, bounty programs, sales staff incentives, wholesale or retail buy-downs and other innovative incentives specified by program sponsors. The system also provides for 24/7 online application submittal and has a rebate reservation and/or pre-authorization process capability.

The rebate processing system is designed to accommodate and track outside funding such as state or community block grants, local government funds or to leverage funds provided by multiple organizations. EGIA’s rebate processing system and online application can deliver combined water/energy rebates and enables processing of applications with varying rebate levels by participating utilities/agencies.

An example of this is the online processing and reporting capability established for Metropolitan Water District, which provides drinking water to over 18 million Californians, delivered through 26 cities and over 170 individual water agencies. All participating agencies have the flexibility to offer varying rebate levels, special time sensitive promotions and are able to integrate and track funds from multiple funding sources.

Channel partner outreach and retailer field services are key elements of most successful rebate programs.

EGIA, directly and through national sub-contractors works on behalf of utility companies, water districts and local agencies in providing comprehensive channel partner outreach and retailer field services, to ensuring that retailers, manufacturers and contractors understand and are actively embracing program sponsors resource efficiency incentive programs.

Channel partner outreach can include web and advertising content, development and delivery of fact sheets for retailers and contractors to share with customers, point of sale materials such as cling signs for appliances, aisle violators and signage, displays to highlight high efficiency products and comprehensive retailer sales person and/or contractor training.

To effectively manage utility/ agency program cost and enable the program sponsor to select the mix of services most appropriate to achieve program goals and objectives, EGIA provides various channel partner outreach options ranging from the delivery of program educational and marketing materials primarily by mail/shipment, with follow-up phone calls, to webinar trainings for manufacturer, distributor and retailers, up to full in-store field visits and in-person training.

A crucial element of the rebate program is the service quality provided to customers served by the program sponsor. EGIA’s customer service mission is to deliver, at minimum, the same level of service that customers receive directly from the utility or agency. EGIA’s customer service call center staff are properly trained in all program specifications and monitored to ensure delivery of high quality responsive customer service.

In addition to staffing the phone lines to answer incoming customer inquiries regarding the rebate program or status of the customers rebate payment, EGIA’s CSR’s actively help customers with deficient rebate applications to provide the correct information/ documentation in order to assure that they are eligible to receive a rebate. When a customer’s rebate cannot be approved on first review, EGIA contacts the customer either by phone or by sending a “problem letter” to give them the reason the application failed.

If the reason the rebate was declined can be remedied, (receipt not included, application not signed) the customer is given specific instructions on how to fix the problem. If there is no remedy (product does not meet qualifying criteria, measure installed outside the sponsors service territory, etc.), EGIA notifies the customer that the rebate was declined and the reason why. In all instances, EGIA manages all customer contact appropriately and with great care.

EGIA has developed and maintains a very robust SQL Server database management system compatible with GIS format that can track every element of the sponsors rebate program and can be easily modified to incorporate unique program sponsor requirements. EGIA’s database management system features include:

  • Automated problem and decline letter generation
  • Automated safeguards that reduce any deliberate or unintentional misuse of the program by applicants
  • A data entry screen that is modeled after the program specific application for fast and accurate data entry
  • Storage of all consumer and product information
  • Automated and secure rebate check generation
  • Extensive program tracking and reporting

Detailed and customize monthly and quarterly reporting is provided to meet program sponsor specifications. Using a secure website, EGIA also provides program sponsors with online, password protected access to program data to review comprehensive “real time” rebate program performance, in virtually any format defined by the sponsor.

Database security and the safeguarding of sensitive customer data is a high priority. The most reliable, rigorous security systems are used to protect sponsor program and customer data. EGIA systems are protected by multiple firewalls, SSL security and data encryption.

Our corporate office is strategically located in Sacramento, California. While we are headquartered in the capital city of the nation’s most populous state, the reach of EGIA’s programs, services and member base are nationwide. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about EGIA, contact our corporate office. For membership or event registration assistance you can connect with us online by clicking the chat support button below.

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