Contractor Management

Utility & Government Contractor Management

Well trained and highly motivated contractors are a key element in any successful sponsored resource efficiency program. The interaction between the contractor and customer sitting across the kitchen table is really where the “rubber meets the road” and the make or break moment in terms of influencing the customer buying decision to invest in quality installed high efficiency solutions or take the lower first cost, less efficient path.

EGIA has been developing and managing high performance contractor networks for over 30 years and today manages one of the largest and fastest growing home improvement contractor organization in the country. EGIA is comprised of thousands of members and affiliates covering the full spectrum of home energy efficiency, including top tier HVAC, Insulation, Home Performance, Windows, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Indoor Air Quality, Home Automation and Energy Efficient Remodeling contractors.

EGIA is uniquely positioned to support utilities and state and local organizations energy efficiency, renewable energy and green workforce development efforts by administering contractor network recruiting, contractor training & development, contractor screening & approval, performance monitoring, development of contractor sales and marketing tools, implementation of contractor referral programs or simply facilitating contractor development workshops or advising program sponsors of industry best practices.