Unfiltered LIVE: Ask the Experts | Multiple Bids During Replacement

The repair vs. replace conversation can be a challenging topic for your technicians to have with homeowners, especially if they are insistent about getting multiple bids for the project. If your customer thinks they need to get other estimates, how do you overcome the multiple-bid objection and convince them to go with your company on the spot?

On this week's Ask the Experts Live video highlight, EGIA's faculty members Drew Cameron (President of Flow Odyssey) and Gary Elekes (Founder of EPC Training and iMarket Solutions) discuss how to leverage your brand promise and your relationship with the customer to move them towards an immediate replacement decision.

Unfiltered Live: Ask the Experts video sessions are recorded to help contractors navigate COVID-19-related challenges and provide actionable strategies that can improve any business at any time. To access the full archive of recordings, CLICK HERE.