Turn Around Your Turn Downs with Microf

According to Experian, 33% of consumers have FICO scores in the “Fair” or “Poor” range. Lower FICO scores can make it very difficult for homeowners to find payment options when their HVAC system needs replacing. Even homeowners with good credit may find it difficult to know what their monthly payment options are when purchasing a new system.

Turn Around Your Turn Downs with Microf

This is why it makes sense for HVAC Contractors to offer a wide range of financing and leasing options to their homeowners on every proposal. Monthly payments are easier to absorb into a family budget than a large out-of-pocket expense. And financing options may allow homeowners to purchase higher efficiency systems and accessories that make their system more valuable.

EGIA offers a wide variety of financing and leasing options designed to help our contractor partners close more sales. Be sure to check out our newest partner Microf. Microf can help customers with Fair and Very Poor Credit scores with an approval where other lenders say no.

Revive some lost sales!

Whew…. We made it through the rush of another summer. Did you capture all the sales you could have? Did you leave anything on the table?

Now is the time to find out with a tried and true method for reviving sales that may have been missed during the frantic summer rush.

Our partners at Microf can provide approvals where other finance companies have declined a customer. Chances are that the customer has not found a solution to purchasing that new system. Re-connecting with customers that were declined for financing within the past 90 days and offering them Microf’s alternative lease-purchase option has been proven to help homeowners purchase a new system with affordable monthly payments and help our contractor partners revive a few more sales.

Enrollment with Microf is automatic and you can usually be active within 1-2 days. Click here to enroll now and use them to help add some sales to your books during the shoulder season.