Snapshot Survey Results | Pre-Call and Post-Call Sales Strategy

In the August 2020 Snapshot Survey, contractors share their experience with building a pre-call and post-call sales strategy to help you incorporate best practices into your approach. Here's one survey question and its results from the summary report, which will be available in its entirety to EGIA members on 9/21/20.

Do you utilize a Customer Resource Management (CRM) tool to organize leads and keep track of your sales process?

EGIA Snapshot Survey - Working Remotely

A customer resource management (CRM) system helps salespeople optimize their schedule by creating a routine to make sure customers are not ignored. These software tools are critical for ensuring salespeople prioritize key prospects, which can result in closing more deals and strengthening your home services customer base. 74% of the contractors who took our survey said they utilize a CRM tool to organize leads and keep track of their sales process. If you are amongst the 26% who said they don't use a CRM to manage leads, there are a variety of affordable software programs to streamline your sales process and help you achieve your goals. Visit the EGIA Contractor Marketplace and click the "Business Operations & Administration" tab to learn how you can save on CRM tools with an EGIA membership

Here's what a contractor from Arizona had to say:

“We have "job types" set up in Service Titan that create specific questions we should ask depending on the job type. For example, if a customer needs a drain pan replaced it automatically schedules a block of time for the tech and then it lists questions such as - type of air handler, size of unit, model number if possible, etc. These types of prompted questions pop up for each individual job type and it's very effective.”

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