Wholesome Homes Yield Healthy Businesses: How to Increase Indoor Air Quality Sales

Wholesome Homes Yield Healthy Businesses: How to Increase Indoor Air Quality Sales

Tuesday, April 13 - Wednesday, April 14

10:00AM - 2:00PM PACIFIC (1:00PM – 5:00PM EASTERN)


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Most contractors struggle to make Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) a prolific, profitable, and prosperous business segment because they do not optimize for success.

Expanding your business beyond HVAC into IAQ, system performance, and home performance is the horizon customers have always sought, yet so few contractors offer. Industry studies have long confirmed that being a Wholesome Home Services Contractor is the most significant opportunity HVAC contractors have to increase sales and profits rapidly. A Wholesome Home Services Contractor focuses on Complete Air and Expert Customer Care – Air Management, Cleaning, Purify, Humidity, and Temperature, and Client Experience.

This class will share concepts and strategies to help contractors see how to develop their product offerings, packaging, pricing, positioning, and promoting. We will discuss how to leverage multiple verticals to sell more IAQ via service add-on sales, system solutions, and standalone purchases. We will also evolve your understanding of IAQ into offering Comfort and Health Enhancing Necessities to provide customers a Wholesome Home that transcends a comfortable home.

Offer customers the opportunity to make their homes wholesome, and your business will be healthier.


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Start date: April 13, 2021

End date: April 14, 2021

Start time: 10:00 a.m. PST

End time: 02:00 p.m. PST

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Directions: Wholesome Homes Yield Healthy Businesses: How to Increase Indoor Air Quality Sales

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Drew Cameron

President, Flow Odyssey and Energy Design Systems, LLC

Drew Cameron is America’s Most Sought-After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Advisor to Home Services Contractors and president of both FLOW Odyssey (formerly HVAC Sellutions) and Energy Design Systems, LLC: the premier industry alliance providing leading-edge technology along with complementary marketing and sales consultative support, recruiting, training, and coaching for performance and profit enhancement of Home Services Contactors. Drew is a renowned author, speaker, educator, coach, consultant, software developer, philanthropist, and an International Consultant Award Winner. Drew is also a president of the Cameron Family Memorial Foundation; a Board member, a Foundation Board Trustee, a Contractor University Founder & Faculty member, Resident Expert of Contractor Connect for Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA); a member of Black Belt Contracting (BBC).