The Profitable Dealer Series


  • Develop an individually tailored repeatable Sales Process
  • Learn cutting edge philosophies on rapport building that brings the customer in the process of designing a system that best fits their needs
  • Introduction to the new PerfectPitch Sales Tool powered by Wrightsoft
  • Create a brand and company presentation that proves to the customer why YOU and your company are the best choice for all their comfort needs
  • Using our backwards selling approach, participants will present a menu of options addressing the customers unique set of needs
  • Recognize accessory needs and presenting Financing in a format to increase closing percentages and educate customer on the value of High-Efficient Comfort Systems
  • Learn and practice proven techniques to overcome common sales objections resulting in more sales and happy customers
  • Finally, to make it stick, we will practice the entire process till we get it RIGHT and are comfortable taking it to the field
  • How Pricing fits into a company brand and overall strategy
  • Defining a company cost structure –properly organized Chart of Accounts
  • Breaking down revenues, cost of goods sold, overhead, and how Income Statements Work (GAAP)
  • Identifying Breakeven and also Gross Profit per day, and Overhead per day Concepts
  • Methods of pricing –Divisor-Markup-Multiplier-GP Per Day-Breakeven, Dual Overhead
  • Utilizing Add-on Replacement Cookbook –setting standards -positioning
  • GP $ per man-day Benchmarks in replacement and light commercial
  • Crew Capacity –Labor Capacity-Planning Overhead per day
  • Flat Rate Implementation –setting a labor rate correctly based on price and market
  • Key Performance Indicators –Benchmarks, and their use in the pricing strategy
  • Define Pricing in all Segments
    • Service Pricing Labor Rate and Parts Markups
    • RNC –Single and Dual Overhead, Cost Based, Breakeven
    • Residential Maintenance –Breakeven, Costs, and Pricing to a Margin
    • Light Commercial and Commercial Maintenance
  • Experience Weldon Long’s Prosperity Mindset Platform creating desire to achieve one’s goals and dreams
  • Understanding effective Leadership Skills
  • Understanding what Process is and can do to grow and empower
  • Creating an Operating Plan for the Company and your Employees
  • Setting Goals
  • Running an Effective Meeting
  • Develop Meeting Rhythm
  • Creating a 3-Year and 10-Year set of Goals
  • Prosperity Plan – Defining Your Achievement in a Plan
  • In addition, Learn to:
    • Build a Company Vision and Purpose
    • Create Core Values and define the Behaviorally
    • Create a 1-Year Operating Plan
    • Develop a one page Strategic Operating Plan
    • Restructure all Role Descriptions (if needed)
    • Begin Daily Huddles, Weekly Meetings and Monthly Company Review
  • How to differentiate your HVAC company with a solid brand using: Recognition, Consistency, Emotion, Uniqueness, Adaptability
  • Snowflakes & Sunshine: avoiding common HVAC branding themes and missteps
  • 7 Steps: How to market your HVAC Company, Website, Existing Customers, Prospects, TOMA
  • Market to Millennials
  • Industry Trends: Anticipate and adjust to new technology/apps
  • Build a Marketing Plan for your company using the 7 Steps to HVAC Marketing
  • Define your company personality, attributes and what makes you unique
  • Decide who your best prospects are and how you will target them
  • Reach out to existing customers
  • Discuss media and online marketing
  • Create your annual marketing plan, budget, calendar
  • Role of the Technician
  • Mind Mapping –Attitudes and Focusing on Goals
  • Personality –Social Styles –Dealing with People –How and Why
  • Understanding Effective Communication
  • Defining Selling Skills –7 Skills
  • Understanding What Process in sales –how to sell by involving customers
  • Setting Goals and a Personal Plan
  • What is the Perfect Service Call Process
  • Defining The Questions to Ask a Homeowner –12 Questions we Recommend