Industry Trend Research

Gain Insight Into Industry Trends & Best Practices

EGIA surveys it's contractor network every month on a specific focus area to gain insight on how contractors are evolving their business practices to achieve maximum success. At the conclusion of each month, EGIA publishes a summary of the survey results and make findings available exclusively for EGIA members. These monthly survey reports are a quick and easy way for contractors to see what is working and what isn't working for their peers within the industry.

To foster a collaborative spirit, EGIA consistently asks its contractor network what topics they would like EGIA to survey it's contractors on next.

Past survey topics include:
  • Overall Marketing Strategy & Effectiveness
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Customer Buying Decisions
  • Proposal / Quoting Strategy
  • Marketing Via Social Networking
  • Consumer Financing
  • Hiring & Firing
  • Employee Training
  • Operations
  • Tradeshows & Events