Contractor Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I was totally impressed with last week's training that you hosted. I have been in this industry for 25 years and that was the most valuable training to me and my business that I have ever attended and I have been to 100’s of courses over the years. I wish we met much sooner. We are all charged up to change the way we do things and have already registered for the bootcamp in Nashville.

Peter Messenger, A1 Air Conditioning & Heating

on the Breakthrough Business Leadership Workshop taught by Gary Elekes

Thanks for all the training and great advice you have provided. You have truly made a difference in mine and my family’s life! I’m sending this from my balcony in Grand Cayman and couldn’t be happier. I am looking forward to what the next year will bring for me and my team. Thanks again for all the guidance and help!

Dustin Cheek, DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

on EGIA Contractor University

I have been to a lot of sales training's. This has been the best I've ever attended!

Kathryn Ullman, Premier Comfort

on The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop

I just wanted to express how impressed and completely blown away I am with this training through EGIA. I had some doubt when I heard it was online videos and quizzes, until I actually sat down and started to watch and learn. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the training the videos and lessons provide. I have learned so much and I have taken what I have learned and started using it in my sales process. It has definitely changed the way I talk to our clientele when it comes to new jobs or installations. I am so impressed and taken aback by how put together the website is as well as all of the training data. The videos don't come across as a teacher-student learning aspect, but from a businessman-businessman aspect which is very refreshing. The lessons that you guys have put together have changed the way I view the different processes. I would just like to thank you guys and thank you for all you do.

Savannah Wade, Triple Service Inc

on EGIA Contractor University

Every contractor should be part of this organization, period. The investment is minimal to the value you receive. Stop whining about not making money and join EGIA now! We’ve spent thousands on other groups and have received none of these benefits.

Jim Lowinski, NORTHSTAR Heating & Cooling

on EGIA Contractor University

Best group of public speakers for events I have seen. All of them had enthusiasm and passion for what they were talking about and showed genuine interest for helping others perform better.

Andrew Holloway, CLEAResult

on EGIA Contractor University Conference

Before I committed to attending, I honestly thought the time frame for this conference would be too long to break away for. It turns out, it was so good, that I would have stayed for another night.

Michael Lohss Jr., Regal Inc.

on EGIA Contractor University Conference

We recently sent our comfort advisors to the sales training. I received incredibly positive feedback. All the guys spoke how engaging it was and felt it was the best training they had ever had. One of my advisors told me he used some of the objection handling he got from the class and was able to earn the business of the client. He felt that without the class he wouldn’t of been able to get the sale. If you’re looking for a tune-up or starting from scratch, I would highly recommend this class.

Jeff Wertens, J.R. Putman, Inc.

on The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop

First and foremost I would like to thank you again for the training last week. I truly believe it's a life transforming event. This has been a very productive week for me. Since the class, I sold every job but one. Thank you again for all that you did for me the last two days. I am ecstatic about my future.

Eugene Privalov, J.R. Putman, Inc.

on The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop

The Instructor captivated the group and spoke very well. He used great analogies and made it so everyone understood what he was saying. Best training I have ever attended and I recommend everyone in a call center setting attend this training.

Ashli Marks, Big Mountain

on Customer Service Representative Coaching Workshop

I have never had this level of training, anywhere. Words cannot describe the value. Simply amazing!

Ryan Cornell, Service Champions

on Technician Communication & Selling Workshop

I was fortunate enough to attend EGIA’s Call Center training course that was taught by Brigham Dickinson. When I was invited to the training, my first thought was, "Awesome, I am curious what I will be taught." My second thought was, "how in the heck am I going to stay engaged and stay seated for 8 hours?"

Well, let me just say this, Brigham is a dynamic teacher. He takes BIG call center challenges and delivers simplistic, bit size info that you can actually swallow and apply. I say simplistic in the sense that once you learn the technique you think to yourself, "That makes so much sense and is not hard to do."

There is a lot to learn to be a successful CSR. There is no way you can teach it all in one day. What makes Brigham effective is he teaches the Why behind what we need to do, which gives the CSR the tools to be successful with the amount of information you can absorb in 1 day.

The students in the class were diverse in their skill levels. There were CSR’s that had just started their jobs to CSR’s that have been on the job for 15+ years. No matter how long you have been doing the job his training is relevant.

He is full of knowledge that can be applied towards answering phones to everyday life. He is funny, energetic and enthusiastic.

I feel confident that everyone that applies what they learned in the course will find increased success.

Jessica Root, Root Marketing and Consulting

on Customer Service Representative Coaching Workshop

I love all the training on the site. I have gone through 95% of all your stuff and re-worked several things as a result. You have so many of the answers I have been looking for! Thank you again!

David Kizer, Superior Heating & Air Inc.

on HVAC Business Best Practices Online Learning Platform Workshop

Gary broke down the HVAC industry marketing strategies in an understandable, informative approach. I have many take-aways and am beyond excited to implement some of these in our business. I really enjoyed the class. I wish I would have taken this when I first got the job.

Sarah Ghirardo, Service Champions Heating and Air Conditioning

on Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop

The training has to do with a lot of the issues we are currently dealing with. It brought to light some solutions that we can use to make our company and employees better. It was an eye opening experience. Stephen did an awesome job both relaying the material and interacting with the group.

Tyler Nelson, A#1 Air

on Customer Service Representative Coaching Workshop

I am truly, truly impressed with all of the data that you’ve produced and I’ve reviewed on EGIA! I will put this to work as quickly as I am able to edit it to fit my company. Good Job!

Frank Gossett, Texas Air Doctors

on HVAC Business Best Practices Online Learning Platform Workshop

I just wanted to let you know that you did an awesome job. I have been to countless conferences and seminars over the years and you definitely rank at the top.

Danny Alverson, Greiner Heating Air and Solar Inc.

on Technician Communication & Selling Workshop

The last couple of days were fantastic. Your enthusiasm and energy was inspiring and I'm excited to take action and make positive changes here at Signature with the new knowledge learned, affirmation of old knowledge, tools provided in class and EGIA's support. Thank you for the learning opportunity. A great experience!

Kathy Haffly, Signature Heating, Air Conditioning and Geothermal

on Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for the marketing event this week. I learned a lot about how to approach a marketing piece (from the customer's perspective and not mine). I also feel that 'starting with the why' is a powerful concept and I am looking forward to trying to incorporate that into everything that I do. I have examples of some postcards that I've used in the past with little to no success. I was attributing that to consistency, but now I realize that the messaging was totally wrong as well.

Kenneth Gibson, Gibson Heating & Cooling

on Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop