Nationwide Inbound, Inc.

Telephone Answering Services, Message Dispatching and Scheduling Support

Award-Winning Customer Contact Center

Nationwide Inbound is a 24/7/365 live operator Customer Contact Center with two locations in northwest Illinois. Nationwide Inbound helps you manage your business with professional telephone answering services, message dispatching and scheduling support. Since most customers would prefer to speak with a live person, Nationwide Inbound minimizes missed calls and lost service and selling opportunities. As a result, you can increase sales volume, improve the customer experience, and grow your business without the burden of additional in-house staff.

  • Give your customers personalized service, even on holidays, after hours, or when your other lines are busy. Nationwide Inbound acts as a true extension of your business.
  • Reduce the cost of recruiting, hiring and training additional staff. Pay only for the phone time you need each month.
  • Instantly receive call messages via SMS, e-mail or Fax. You know immediately how to respond to a customer inquiry, appointment change, or emergency.
  • Call tracking and reporting can give you a month-to-month snapshot of customer needs and requests.

Special Offer For EGIA Members

EGIA members receive the following special offers from Nationwide Inbound:

Flat rate $75 set-up fee

Non EGIA Member set-up fees are $100 to $150 (depending on the level of service provided), but EGIA Members pay the low flat-rate fee of only $75.

Tier 3 pricing for all EGIA Members

Tier 3 discount rates of only $1.15 per minute apply to ALL EGIA Member accounts. Non EGIA Members pay $1.30 per minute at Tier 1 (0-999 minutes) and $1.25 per minute at Tier 2 (1000-2499 minutes) but EGIA Members pay the best discount rate of only $1.15 per minute on any call volume.

Free message dispatching (via e-mail, SMS or fax)

Whereas other contractors will be charged for “work time” (with fees added for message dispatching via e-mail, SMS or fax after the call), EGIA Members will be charged for "talk time" only, even if message dispatching is required.