InterCall by West Unified Communications

Audio & Web Conferencing Service

Communication Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

West Unified Communications is the world's largest conferencing provider and offers cutting-edge audio conferencing and web conferencing products for business customers through its InterCall service.

Technology changes, the increasingly high cost of travel, telecommuting, sustainability and the ever present need for reliable, cost-effective communications are driving increased usage of both audio and web conferencing. Every association with members who have a high need for client and customer communications should consider endorsement of a conferencing provider. The dynamic nature of the telecommunications industry makes partner choice critical.

Special Offer For EGIA Members

EGIA members save up to 70% on InterCall services.

To simplify the selection of the correct conferencing services for your needs, we have created two options. Select just one option: the services listed will be included with your account at the member prices shown.

Option 1: Audio used on all, or most, conferences*

  • Reservationless-Plus® audio conferencing – 3.5 cents per minute
  • InterCall Unified Meeting® web conferencing – 5 cents per minute*
  • Operator Assisted and Event audio conferencing – 18 cents per minute

Option 2: Web used on all, or most, conferences^

  • Multimedia Minutes, audio and web conferencing bundle – 6 cents per minute^
  • Operator Assisted and Event audio conferencing – 18 cents per minute