Fleet Card Fuel Program

Save Five Cents Per Gallon, From Gallon One *

If you own or operate a service company, most likely your fleet of company vehicles is one of your largest expense items. What you may not know, however, is there are tools to help you shave meaningful dollars off that cost. EGIA helps members take advantage of these tools, and enjoy a price advantage that adds to your savings.

One of the tools available to you is the ExxonMobil Fleet Card Program, which enables managers to see all aspects of driver spending. Additional flexibility lets you set purchase controls, spending limits, real time alerts and more. And you can manage it all online.

The ExxonMobil Fleet National Card is accepted at 90% of U.S. fuel locations through an alliance with WEX Universal Fleet, a leader in fleet cards for over 30 years. Plus, through your EGIA membership, you will earn an invoice discount of 5 cents on every Exxon and Mobil gallon purchased, no limits, no volume minimums… and fleet program fees are waived.

Are you ready to be more profitable? Integrate your ExxonMobil fleet card with Telematics! Here‘s how…

WEX Telematics integrates GPS data with your ExxonMobil fleet card to create new visibility into your business operations. Managers of fleets large and small utilize WEX Telematics' extensive suite of GPS tracking, performance and diagnostic tools to boost operating efficiency, customer service and revenue.

Integrating GPS data with fueling behavior is the perfect solution for fleet managers who need the “big picture” to understand fleet performance. You can trust the ExxonMobil Fleet program and WEX’s advanced vehicle tracking tools to help you lower the overall cost of managing your company vehicles.

Special Offer For EGIA Members

EGIA members earn an invoice discount of 5 cents on every Exxon & Mobil gallon purchased and fleet program fees are waived.