HVAC 101 – A Turn-Key Solution to Training Non-Technical Employees

Everyone within your HVAC company needs a fundamental understanding of HVAC to communicate with your homeowners. However, with all the demands of running a business, it's often difficult to train non-technical staff and new hires from outside the industry in an effective way.

In this "Clip of the Week" from EGIA's critically-acclaimed Cracking the Code show, we introduce you to HVAC 101, EGIA's new online training class that provides a turn-key solution to HVAC competency training.

Watch the clip below, and visit to watch the full show that highlights the first segment of the training course, A Brief History of HVAC.

Want access to the full 14-part online class? Simply click the banner below to start your 30-day free trial and unlock the HVAC 101 course today!