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Stop Selling And Your Customers Will Buy

By Mike Treas
Jeffrey Gitomer said it best, “No one likes to be sold to but everyone loves to buy.” He’s right. So why do we continually treat homeowners like they just walked onto a used car lot and we need to make quota this month? Stop selling. Your customers today are educated, smart and like to make decisions for themselves, yet we just keep trying to tell them what to do. And they do not like it.
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Stop Selling Your Service Agreement

By Drew Cameron
The most successful, profitable, longest-standing, customer-oriented, best-reviewed, and highest-rated residential HVAC companies have a bunch of service agreement customers. This committed captive audience yields guaranteed maintenance (and repair) visits along with the potential of ancillary product and service purchases and future replacement equipment sales.
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Change Others’ Behavior By Changing Your Behavior Toward Them

By Mark Matteson
A turning point in my life came in 1982, at age 25. I purchased a paperback copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and kept it in my service truck. I used to read it at lunch. It inspired me to begin listening to audio cassettes -- books on tape. I quit listening to my extensive rhythm and blues collection, gave up the front page of the newspaper and began keeping a journal. I turned into a sponge.
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Core Values and the Double-Edged Sword

By James Leichter
Many of today’s business books talk about the importance of establishing core values in your company. In fact, many business consultants and authors strongly believe that establishing core values is one of the first steps in starting and managing a business. I am certainly one of those people. I believe that your company’s purpose statement and core values are the foundation that everything else is built on.
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Building Your Company’s Brand Promise

By Gary Elekes
A marketing plan for any company is a detailed set of ideas internally, externally, and even operationally, which are aligned, to develop a brand for the company. Media is easy, we all know and love that. Yet internal marketing is a form of communication we often overlook, and the processes clients interface with, such as call center, are key in how we answer phones and book calls. They all are different areas of marketing but need to be aligned and work together or else we can generate leads but mess up the conversion.
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