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Changing the Game of Sales

By Drew Cameron
Success in sales is not about pressure, it’s about performance. Top performance comes from executing a structured not scripted, and planned not canned, effective, efficient, engaging, endearing, educational and empowering process CONSISTENTLY. If a salesperson feels pressure on a sales call, they are either working too hard and/or working on the wrong end of the problem.
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Focus on Serving People First

By Brigham Dickinson
What is your focus when it comes to customer service? Book the call? Get the sale? Get the money? Or, WOW the customer? I worry that too many companies in our industry are too focused on pricing and profits and not enough on experience and service. We know that booking the call, getting the sale, and making money are important – without them, you have no business. But, those things come as a byproduct of creating a world-class experience for your customers.
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Sales Expectations Drive Sales Results

By Weldon Long
One of the biggest challenges I see with contractors is a failure to understand how our beliefs and expectations of the sales function impacts our business success. If a contractor sees the sales function and sales professionals in a negative light, those limiting beliefs will undermine the company’s sales results.
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The Genius of Leadership: Effective Leadership Practices

By Gary Elekes
We all crave good leadership! It is exciting, challenging and rewarding when we are involved with effective leadership, and it can be frustrating as an employee when we recognize leadership is off course. One of our main “opportunities” in contracting is to find, recruit, hire, train and develop people around us to improve our company’s execution.
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21 Leadership Tips from Nordstrom

By Mark Matteson
Today, Blake, Pete and Erik Nordstrom serve as co-presidents of Nordstrom Inc. From one tiny store, Nordstrom has grown into a leading fashion specialty retailer with a global reach, and 2016 earnings of $3.34 billion.
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