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The Mindset of Great Leaders

By Drew Cameron
Great leaders tend to think differently than most people. In fact, people in the role of leadership do very little thinking before acting. Thinking is a leader's most important skill and tool. Great leaders adopt the mindset of growth, abundance, excellence, success, and relentless unwavering pursuit of their goals. We will call these people "Growth Leaders."
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Small Changes Can Produce Big Results

By Weldon Long
Mindset Training can be big and all encompassing, but it can also be small and incremental. Your team can learn to change by enacting small, positive changes, which will lead to changes in their actions and, ultimately, their business and sales results. Let me share with you some easy-to-implement, stress-free baby steps.
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Routines and Patterns Can Work for or Against You

By Steve Mores
We have all heard this before, “You just have to get into the habit of doing it.” And that’s sometimes the advice and solution that owners and managers give to their team when discussing how to correctly work a service, maintenance, or sales call to increase average tickets and close rates. Well, that may be easier said than done, and just saying it doesn’t make it happen.
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Are Your Technicians Building Lifelong Customers?

By Mike Treas
This week I had a local heating and air conditioning company come to my house. The technician was polite, clean and courteous. He also did not know that he was the one who installed the zoning system with the new air conditioner just a few years ago.
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Roosevelt’s Rough Riding Leadership

By Mark Matteson
Teddy Roosevelt was a force of nature, larger than life in all he did. He had no equal, he was peerless. Some say, one of the 20th century’s great leaders. How could TR's admirable qualities improve your leadership skills?
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