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A Lesson in Service from Joe the Concrete Guy

By Weldon Long
Effective selling requires a mindset of service. You have to be willing to serve your customers better than your competition. I'd like to share a story from my new book, Consistency Selling, that illustrates the service mindset. I learned it from Joe the Concrete Guy.
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Using Personality Assessments to Manage Your Business

By James Leichter
Personality assessments can help your company improve hiring, placement, and management. By knowing what motivates people, and what stresses them out, you can improve your ability to hire the right person, supervise your staff, and even improve your sales closure rates.
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Listening Is the Key to (Sales) Success

By Brigham Dickinson
Listening to customers is the first step in making a sale. Listening creates a connection between the technician and customer. The technician listens to understand the customer and their situation. Once a technician truly understands, they can offer solutions and frequently the solution is a sale. We teach the listen principle to ensure that everyone -- technicians and CSRs, supervisors and owners -- connect by listening first, and remain present to the expression, tone and intent of others.
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The Customer Experience Is Matter Of Mindset And Process

By Drew Cameron
When it comes to a demand repair service or maintenance experience, it is the customer’s mindset and technician’s process that determine the customer's experience. In this article, we will address the opening of the service visit prior to getting to work with the tools since many technicians shortchange the customer experience by not communicating effectively.
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Service Agreements – The Lifeblood of Success

By Gary Elekes
Blood… A healthy living body cannot operate without blood. If you look carefully at the business of contracting, the service agreement acts as the "blood" in our customer retention and marketing strategy by forming deep, lasting customer relationships.
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