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Transform Your CSRs into Service Superheroes

by Brigham Dickinson
Growing up, we all dreamed of becoming superheroes. That dream doesn't have to go away just because we've grown up. Everyone, including your CSRs, can be superheroes. Think about your favorite superheroes. What do they have in common? They care about people, they solve people's problems, and they go above and beyond the call of duty. These are principles you can put to work in your home service business, starting with your CSRs. Your clients call you with problems, and your CSRs can solve them. That makes them heroes.
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Love What You Do and Everybody Wins

By Mike Treas
To make it in in-home sales, the key is to love what you do. You need to love the industry you are in and love the people you serve. Who do you serve? Your family, your customer and your company. Let’s start with loving what you do.
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I’m Off to See the Wizard

by Mark Matteson
Words. They trigger pictures and bring about emotion. Positive or negative. If they come from a source we trust and believe, they can predict and perpetuate the future.
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Do You Have a Software Problem or Do You Have an HR Problem?

by James Leichter
I have talked with numerous business owners who are disappointed in their software and are looking for a better solution. When I question them on what they hope to get out of new software, they most often talk about problems related to people or business operations, not software. I hear them mostly talking about getting people to follow known policies and procedures. I tell these owners this "You don't need new software; you need to find a way to get people to do what they are told to do."
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Salespeople: Minimize Your Customer’s Risk!

by Weldon Long
It's important to remember that in sales, no one thing will work 100 percent of the time. Succeeding in sales is all about doing the very best you can on every call. An important key to this is understanding your homeowners' concerns and minimizing risk for them, without giving away price discounts.
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