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Written by EGIA Contractor University Faculty & Marketplace Partners

You’ve Been in Sales All Your Life

By Mike Treas
We all experience sales professionals when we go about our daily lives. When you buy a suit, wouldn't you expect the clerk to show you a tie that matches? When you get your oil changed, will you hear how synthetic oil is better for your car and will be given that as an option? When you are at the drive-thru do you hear, "Would you like fries with that?"
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Change is Hard. Extinction is Worse.

By Weldon Long
I once read that “If you think change is hard, you should try extinction.” In many ways this characterizes the changes going on with homeowners and the changes residential contractors need to make to effectively sell to them.
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Financial Reporting Structure for a Contracting Business

By James Leichter
Accounting is the basis of business decisions. While you may not be an accountant, or even like accounting, you are likely a decision-maker. You are asked to make numerous business decisions every week and your decisions need to be correct the vast majority of the time.
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Adversity? Just Don’t Quit!

By Mark Matteson
Epictetus, the Roman Stoic was one of two great philosophers of the Roman Empire, the other being Marcus Aurelius. Epictetus was a slave, Aurelius an Emperor. Epictetus once said, “It is difficulties that show what men are.”
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Strategic Financing Partners Can Greatly Increase Sales

By EnerBank
In today's competitive marketplace, HVAC contractors need to differentiate themselves every day to win new business. That's a tall order for many individuals and companies. While it seems that your differentiation points surround your products and services—the variety of products or the quality of materials—or your excellent customer service and positive reviews, do you realize you can do more?
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