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Twice a month, the EGIA Contractor Coffee Club podcast addresses best practices, industry research, listener questions and more, all in a concise, entertaining package. The podcast mixes advice and roadmaps to success from industry veterans with wit, wisdom and humor, creating a truly can’t-miss first-of-its-kind in the industry.

Building Tomorrow’s HVAC Workforce

December 15th, 2018 | Episode 29

In a special episode of the Contractor Coffee Club, Mark welcomes Bruce Matulich, chairman of the EGIA Foundation. Bruce discusses the mission and activities of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which is dedicated to turning around the industry's workforce shortage by using scholarships, research and other initiatives to attractive more, younger people to the industry. And Mark and Bruce talk about what contractors, manufacturers and everyone in the industry can do to help the Foundation generate tomorrow's HVAC workforce today.


Building Tomorrow’s HVAC Workforce

Episode: 29 | December 15th, 2018

In a special episode of the Contractor Coffee Club, Mark welcomes Bruce Matulich, chairman of the EGIA Foundation. Bruce discusses the mission and activities of the nonprofit, dedicated to turning around the industry's workforce shortage.

How to Change Your Comfort Zone

Episode: 28 | December 1st, 2018

Everyone has room for improvement, at work or in their personal lives. Anyone could book one more call, close one more sale. But how do you change well-established habits?

The 10 Qualities of Industry Leaders

Episode: 27 | November 15th, 2018

This time, host Mark Matteson shares the 10 most proven strategies embraced by industry leaders across the board -- strategies that result in unrivaled success and, in one particular case, a 95% close ratio.

How the $100 Million HVAC Company Was Built

Episode: 26 | November 1st, 2018

Less than 15 years ago, Parker & Sons did $7 million in sales. In 2018, they'll surpass $100 million. How did they accomplish such incredible growth?

The Power of a Proven Script

Episode: 25 | October 15th, 2018

"Forget trying to sell your prospects; let them buy. People buy you."

Differentiate From Other Contractors

Episode: 24 | October 1st, 2018

How can you set yourself apart from your competition -- truly differentiate yourself from the field?

The Sales Secret Weapon | Podcast

Episode: 23 | September 15th, 2018

Mark Matteson taps his decades of experience to lay out simple rules for sales success and explain the secret weapon that's more valuable than anything else when it comes to closing sales and satisfying customers.

Converting More Website Visitors | Podcast

Episode: 22 | September 1st, 2018

95% of visitors are leaving contractors' websites without doing anything. They don't take action. They don't book a call. That's not only a wasted opportunity, ...

7 Laws of Sales Success | Podcast

Episode: 21 | August 15th, 2018

Mark offers seven things that will drive your sales mentality and success rate, along with other strategies and tactics that have helped him master HVAC sales over the last several decades...

Mastering Sales and the 75% Close Ratio | Podcast

Episode: 20 | August 1st, 2018

Over four-plus decades in the industry, Mark Matteson has mastered the skills it takes to not just survive, but thrive as a salesperson. ...

How Training & Culture Drive Growth | Podcast

Episode: 19 | July 15th, 2018

In the latest episode of Contractor Coffee Club, Mark welcomes Eric Knaak, who explains the strategies, tactics and overarching philosophies that have helped build one of the Northeast’s most successful service companies.

How to Measure the Unseen | Podcast

Episode: 18 | July 1st, 2018

Technical training meets contractor business development in the latest episode of the Contractor Coffee Club podcast. . . .

Consistency is the Key to Success | Podcast

Episode: 17 | June 15th, 2018

The difference between excelling in your work and simply keeping your head above water? Consistency. Perfect the process and run it consistently and, more often than not, you'll succeed.

Proven Leadership Strategies with Gary Elekes | Podcast

Episode: 16 | June 1st, 2018

Great contracting companies start at the top with leadership. Leadership sets the tone for the rest of the team, putting talented people in a position to excel and helping bring the best out of those who could use a little more attention. Good leadership allows the owner to step away for a day, a week, a month, and know the company can thrive without them.

Turn Your Job Into Your Calling | Podcast

Episode: 15 | May 15th, 2018

What's the difference between a job, a career, and a calling? And how can you turn your job into your calling -- and make yourself irreplaceable to your employer or your customer in the process? Mark Matteson explains on the latest episode of Contractor Coffee Club. Plus a Snapshot Survey focus on vehicle fleet and the value of vehicle wraps!

Financing Musts for Every Contractor

Episode: 14 | May 1st, 2018

The most successful contractors offer financing with every purchase. Not only can it increase the average ticket, it can improve customer satisfaction, enabling homeowners to buy the unit that's the best fit for them without breaking the bank -- rather than just purchasing the cheapest unit, even it’s wrong for them.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Episode: 13 | April 15th, 2018

Where performance is measured, performance improves. But how do you know what to measure? And how can you use that measurement to ensure your performance -- salespeople, service techs, anyone -- is where it should be? Mark Matteson explains that and more in the latest episode of Contractor Coffee Club. Plus, how the simple method Mark calls the "Hour of Power" can transform your day-to-day life -- personal and professional.

Mastering HVAC Sales with Weldon Long

Episode: 12 | April 1st, 2018

In 5 years, New York Times bestselling author Weldon Long went from an ex-convict in a homeless shelter to building an Inc. 5000 HVAC company with over $20,000,000 in sales – and he did it by adopting the “Prosperity Mindset” and perfecting the sales process. In the latest episode of Contractor Coffee Club, Weldon joins host Mark Matteson to offer some strategies, stips and stories that helped him build his company and his mindset.

In Conversation with Josh Kelly, RevuKangaroo

Episode: 11 | March 15th, 2018

Josh Kelly, co-founder of RevuKangaroo, a leading online reputation management system, joins Mark on the latest episode. Josh explains not just what contractors need to know when it comes to how contractors' online reviews affect their Google rankings, but also relates how he took his family's HVAC company from $6.5 million to $80 million+ in ...

Sparking Your Success, Part 3

Episode: 10 | March 1st, 2018

In part 3 of an ongoing series, Mark Matteson talks about how attitude and goal-setting can yield big results on the job and off, paying particular attention to how those simple ideas helped transform him from a service tech...

In Conversation with Ryan Kalmbach

Episode: 09 | February 15th, 2018

What can contractors learn from someone in the supply side of the home services industry; someone with a history working with contractors as well as manufacturers?

Sparking Your Success, Part 2

Episode: 08 | February 1st, 2018

In part two of our "Sparking Your Success" series, host Mark Matteson continues adapting his bestselling book for professionals. Today, he explains the importance of how you talk to yourself...

In Conversation with HVAC Sales Coach Mike Treas

Episode: 07 | January 15th, 2018

In our latest episode, host Mark Matteson welcomes the industry-renowned HVAC Sales Coach Mike Treas to the microphone...

In Conversation with James Leichter

Episode: 06 | January 1st, 2018

James Leichter has accomplished a lot over his decades in the home services industry, founding companies like Aptora and Mr. HVAC, as well as establishing himself as a renowned industry consultant...

Sparking Your Success, Part 1

Episode: 05 | December 15th, 2017

In part one of a three-part series, host Mark Matteson relates his book, "Sparking Your Success," to the home services industry, illustrating various motivational techniques, self-improvement strategies...

In Conversation with Brigham Dickinson

Episode: 04 | December 1st, 2017

The founder and president of Power Selling Pros, Brigham Dickinson is a renowned name in the home services industry. Brigham, an EGIA Contractor University faculty member, is a leading authority on customer service and call-handling, and how they can drive sales within an organization. In the latest episode of the Contractor Coffee Club podcast, Brigham joins host Mark Matteson as the longtime friends chat about some industry insights and strategies that can impact businesses immediately.

What Four Decades Selling Has Taught Me

Episode: 03 | November 15th, 2017

In the third episode of the Contractor Coffee Club podcast, host Mark Matteson taps his unique background and shares some of the valuable lessons and unique strategies he's learned over his four decades in sales and contracting. Plus Mark answers contracting questions submitted by listeners previews his upcoming webinar on how to achieve 75% closing rates.

In Conversation with Contractors

Episode: 02 | November 1st, 2017

Every market is different, but there are some universal best practices in the home services field; tactics that can contribute to success in any city, any company, any year. In our latest episode, host Mark Matteson chats with his friend Rick Busby about some of the strategies and insights that have helped guide Busby Heating and Air Conditioning over its last 70+ years – including some that originated with Mark himself.

How to Connect in Work & Beyond

Episode: 01 | October 13th, 2017

In the first episode of the Contractor Coffee Club podcast, host Mark Matteson, introduces the podcast, shares 10 key human relations principles, and previews future guests and episodes.