Square One by FTL

Powered by the EGIA Financing Clearinghouse

The Solution for Contractors New to Finance.

If you want to start using consumer finance solutions for the first time or need personal support when offering finance, Square One is for you. Square One provides your customers with fixed interest rates and helping hand to you. The Square One representatives will help you decide what programs to offer and show you how to offer them.

One on One Support – Each company has a dedicated Account Manager

Finance Repairs – $300 Loan Minimum

Greater Chance for Approvals – Approvals based on entire financial situation not just credit score

How FTL Works?

  1. Customer applies using the online portal
  2. Customer is approved within minutes and then customer signs the loan docs via Docu-Sign
  3. Process payment by submitting the completion certificate upon job completion. Funding will occur 24-48 hours of customer verification that the job is complete.

Loan Products

  • No Payments / No Interest Promotions
  • Reduced Interest Rate Promotions
  • Deferred Payment Opportunities
  • Installment Loans and Revolving Credit options

Get Started

  1. Submit an application using the enrollment link
  2. Get approved
  3. Complete training & your dealer ID is ready to use