Balboa Capital

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Balboa Capital is a commercial lender ideal for leasing projects between 5,000 and 500,000

No ownership required – customers do not have to own the property

Variety of lease options – leaseback and wrap leases offered in addition to fair market value and dollar buyouts

Simple application process – online application requesting basic information and a brief description of what the customer needs financed; no initial paperwork or collateral needed.

How Balboa Capital Works

  1. Customer applies by completing the application
  2. Customer is notified of initial approval within minutes
  3. Balboa contact the customer to complete the application process
  4. Funds sent to customer upon application closing; usually same-day

Finance Products

  • Term Loans
  • Equipment Leasing

Get Started

  1. Download the enrollment application
  2. Return completed enrollment application and voided check to
  3. Get approved
  4. Complete training