EGIA Contractor University

Educational Workshop

Breakthrough Business Leadership: Developing a Process Driven Company

January 21, 2020 - Las Vegas, NV

Course Objective:

This leadership workshop is about how to improve the execution and profitability within a contracting company. We will discuss this process via leadership practices and a set of fundamentals, metrics and disciplines designed for operators. We will focus on establishing a clear and concise vision for a company, the core values and behaviors to eradicate adult day care issues, establishing a culture of performance, goal setting for each team member, the creation of a plan to attain those goals, the structure for implementing best practices including communication ideas, and a proven method for getting all your team members completely aligned to the goals. We will review how to transition the operator out of a do-it-all role and begin to delegate responsibility to a team of leaders and mid managers. This is a powerful operators workshop designed to highlight how to lead well and drive execution not just concepts, and all the tools to do so are included.


Who should attend:

Any company owner, manager, or aspiring manager in an organization who wants to improve.

Attendees of this workshop with will take away:

  • A very specific process for leading a company to prosperity and developing your team. This will be the driver in how a culture of performance and accountability can be installed in any company.
  • A planning tool to allow you implement new processes today and then reevaluate and make any necessary adjustments on an annual basis.
  • Real world ideas and templates for tracking accountability in service, sales, installation.
  • The yearly, monthly, weekly and daily reports tools will be handed out for attendees.

A Laptop with Microsoft Office (EXCEL, WORD) is suggested as a learning tool, but not required. The class contains materials on CD, electronic files, and supporting forms that will help implementation.

More Information

Course Materials

  • Course Manual/Workbook
  • EGIA Powerpoint Slides – Outlining Ideas
  • White Rhinoceros Exercises
  • Electronic Files – Example Core Values, Example Vision, Sample Operating Plan, Sample One-Page Strategic Plan, Sample Role Descriptions, All Metrics, a Dashboard, Sample Meeting Agenda

What to Bring:

  • An Excel Capable Device is Highly Recommended
  • An Open Mind and Your Team

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners of Trades
  • Mid-Managers of Any Company Wanting to Grow and Empower Managers

Follow-up Homework:

  • Watch the Leadership Videos on Site
  • Study All Leadership Documents on Site
  • Create a Company Vision and Purpose – Simple and Focused
  • Create Core Values and Define Them Behaviorally
  • Create a 1-Year Operating Plan
  • Create a One-Page Strategic Operating Plan
  • Restructure All Role Descriptions
  • Begin Daily Huddles, Weekly Meetings, Monthly Company Reviews
  • Use KPI’s in Each Role Description and Weekly Meeting Reviews by Department

Presenter Bio

Drew Cameron

President, ProfitSpark & Energy Design System, Inc.

Drew Cameron is America’s Most Sought-After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Adviser to Home Services Contractors, is president of both ProfitSpark (formerly HVAC Sellutions) and Energy Design Systems, LLC: the premier industry alliance developing leading-edge technology along with providing complementary marketing planning, budgeting, content and consultative support; and sales recruiting, education, coaching, consulting, and performance and profit enhancement for Home Services Contractors.

Drew's 41 years of experience in all facets of running a residential contracting business help companies implement effective lead generating marketing sales strategies to build multi-million-dollar profit-generating home services companies. Drew is a renowned author, educator, coach, consultant, inspirational/educational/"irritational"/aspirational speaker, software developer, industry philanthropist, and an International Consultant Award Winner.

Drew is also the president of the Ron Cameron Foundation, a Board member, a Foundation Board Trustee, a Contractor University Founder & Faculty member for the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA), a member of Black Belt Contracting (BBC), and a member of Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).