Daikin Elite Development

Educational Workshop

Daikin FIT Sales Training

December 4-6, 2019 - Orlando, FL

Daikin FIT is an industry leading whole home cooling and heating system designed to change the market for HVAC in North America. In this 3-day Daikin Elite training session, you will learn Daikin FIT sales and marketing best practices from industry experts, successful Daikin Comfort Pro contractors, and Daikin product experts. Learn about the Daikin Elite Buying Experience, a one-of-a-kind system that will elevate your company’s status in the consumer’s mind as a “Trusted Authority” and differentiate your salespeople as “Trusted Advisors” to position your company and premium solutions first and foremost in the customer’s mind as offering the quality, value, reliability and uniqueness their desire. Creating a Buying Experience, IS NOT the same as selling. Hear from Daikin Comfort Pro contractors that have been successful selling and advertising with Daikin FIT and discuss opportunities to differentiate your business with FIT.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to position and profitably sell the Daikin FIT system to successfully differentiate from your competitors and provide increased value to your customers
  • Learn the self-limiting beliefs that restrict you from achieving your potential and develop the mindset, intent, and approach to sales success that feels right and natural
  • Apply communication techniques for having better conversations that advance the buying process
  • Learn benefits, features, and specifications of the new Daikin FIT Heat Pump system to be released in early 2020
  • Best practices for installing, commissioning and services Daikin FIT systems
  • Discuss how to incorporate the new Daikin ONE+ controller and new Daikin IAQ systems to provide intelligent air solutions for your customers
  • Leverage tools, resources, and best practices to engage and educate customers to discover why you represent the best value regardless of price
  • Learn how to provide tiered consumer financing options to provide your customers with superior options at a lower monthly cost
  • Discuss utilizing tools, technology and 3rd party resources as credibility builders in establishing, growing, and maintaining your “Position of Trust” as you migrate from “Anonymous Entity” to “Trusted Provider” and beyond. We will have an expansive conversation about the importance of creating customer life impacts and experiences to differentiate yourself and truly connect to your customer’s story.
  • Lastly, we will do a deeper dive on sharing findings, options, scope expansion, assurances and payment plans, and how to connect your story to the customer’s story in order to provide the greatest life impact and customer experience while achieving maximum performance.


  • Owners / Principals
  • General Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Sales Personnel (novice – experienced)
  • Technicians with sales responsibilities

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Presenter Bio

Russ Horrocks

Vice President, HVAC Sellutions


Russ Horrocks emerged as one of the most successful Comfort Advisors in America in the mid-90’s. Russ quickly took to sharing his unique knowledge of buyer psychology with sales forces across the country. He turned his profession into a passion, educating and coaching in-home sales and service advisors to understand the critical skills necessary to achieve results far exceeding personal mindset limitations and corporate expectations.

Most trainers preach about product and process. Russ teaches and coaches his sales and service protégés not only about what to do in the home and how to do to it, but more importantly, why. Why leads to a purpose allowing the people his students serve to build a strong connection based on a position of trust, confidence, competence and credibility. When matched with the creative execution of a process built to work with human nature and how people want to buy, it yields explosive growth.

Having mastered the sales process, in 2011 Russ joined with business development specialist, Drew Cameron, as Vice President of HVAC Sellutions to help clients enhance the performance of their entire business, and transcend growing one person or department at a time. Together they work in the trenches with their clients in every facet of building successful home services businesses.

Clients embrace Russ’ detailed holistic approach to assessing a company’s people, present state and potential. Drawing a blueprint for success, he collaborates with clients onsite, online, and on-the-phone to achieve operational excellence with a hands-on strategic approach to growing people and implementing profit-based processes and systems. Clients benefit from Russ’ 20 years of knowledge and national experience, along with his relentless pursuit of building happy, effective, top-performing professionals and developing a culture of success and achievement.