EGIA Contractor University

Educational Workshop

The Invincible In-Home Sales Professional

April 18-19, 2019 - Covington, KY

Creating transformational financial results in the residential HVAC industry requires excelling in three key areas: Getting the Mind Right, Getting the Sales Right and Getting the Consistency Right. During this class, students will learn to execute in all three areas. You'll discover how to easily overcome the most common homeowner objections such as "I want three bids", "I want a cheaper price" and "I need to think about it." This comprehensive program is hands down the most powerful and effective program ever developed to help residential HVAC contractors consistently generate more sales leads, sell high-margin/high-efficiency solutions to homeowners and dramatically increase revenue.

Topics Covered:

  • How to sell high-margin/high-efficiency solutions in the face of homeowners who want a cheap price and bids from multiple contractors
  • How to earn business from homeowners who are "just getting information" and "want to think about it"
  • How to consistently beat the low ball competitor
  • How to consistently generate more sales leads and turn those leads into increased revenue and profits
  • How to create wealth and prosperity with integrity while focusing on high service… not high pressure

More Information

Course Materials

  • Course Manuals/Workbooks
  • Powerpoint Slides – Mindset Training
  • Embedded Videos of the Weldon Long Story – Mindset Training
  • Retail Sales Workbook
  • Retail Sales Credibility Presentation Manual from Weldon Long’s Platform

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners of Trades Businesses Who Want to Install Sales Process
  • Comfort Advisors
  • Technicians, ONLY if They Understand This Is a Comfort Advisors Platform

What to Bring

  • Existing Selling Tools
  • Load Calculation Methods
  • Proposal and Agreement Forms
  • Current Presentation
  • Comfort Advisor Training Manual
  • Sales Process Article

Follow-up Homework

  • Watch Selling Videos on Site
  • Customize the Credibility Book
  • Adapt Sales Forms to Support a Retail Cookbook Strategy
  • Ensure a Measurement System and Tracking Platform is in Place

Presenter Bio

Matt Maleske

I started in this field over 18 years ago as a Field Technician for Artic Aire Service Experts. At the time I was actually a 7th grade Math/Science teacher while moonlighting as a bartender. That is where it all started. A guy by the name of Kevin Comerford approached me as I was waiting on his table about an opportunity in the HVAC trade. I knew nothing about it but I decided to give it a chance. I quickly became noticed for my ability to sell IAQ products and services as a technician. I became one of the top IAQ sales people in the industry in my first year. I was asked to teach others my techniques and soon became the Western Regional Sales and Service Trainer for Service Experts. Through the years I have held just about every position in the trade from Service Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Manager to General Manager. I am also a published author in a number of trade magazines as well as a keynote speaker. I have presented my knowledge at many trade conferences and plan on doing more. My love for the business grew while working with amazing companies and being coached and mentored by many. I have enjoyed this trade and have learned a great deal.

My motivation has changed over the years and it took me some time to realized why am I doing this, it’s for the people. I have been very fortunate over the years yet my best fortune came to me when I met my now wife Alysa. I finally met someone who understands me and encourages me to “do me”. We knew right away that we were a match meant to be. Since 2016 when we got married she has seen me succeed and fail. She has always pushed me to pursue whatever avenue I desired. She saw me the happiest when I was training. This is how CTM was formed.

We both have a strong desire to help people and I have a passion for coaching, training, and motivating people hence our name Coach Train Motivate. With her background in sales and marketing and my ability to speak and influence we knew it was true a match and the perfect time for a business like this. We look forward to helping people in the business which will in fact help the business. We have designed this business to provide custom coaching, training, and consultation with our clients. It is a hands on approach and on-site at your own facility.