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Domination Through Differentiation: Are You a Neiman Marcus or Walmart Contractor?

Recorded: April 28, 2016

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Change the Game & WIN!!!: Quit quoting and hoping and start selling complete solutions to real problems, to more people, for more money, more easily. Differentiate yourself, your company, and your solutions and no longer be perceived as high-priced, but rather priced-differently.

Ethically discredit and eliminate your low-priced competition with a buyer guidance process that builds trusting relationships with prospects, focuses on problem-resolution and life experiences versus consultative selling of solutions. You will have your prospects asking you to help rather than you asking them to buy with them saying ‘No’.

With an effective and engaging professional buyer guidance process objections are a thing of the past and make the choice to do business with you the obvious one. Word of mouth will truly drive referrals as customers become ambassadors.

Learning Objectives

  • Be perceived by prospects as a more valuable differentiated solution that is NOT a commodity that can be comparison shopped.
  • Neutralize your competition and become the trusted adviser and local expert that people happily refer to other people.
  • Close more sales. Drive revenue & profitability. Increase average sale. Create for more satisfied customers and generate more referrals.

Presenter Bio

Drew Cameron

President, ProfitSpark & Energy Design System, Inc.

Drew Cameron is America’s Most Sought-After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Adviser to Home Services Contractors, is president of both ProfitSpark (formerly HVAC Sellutions) and Energy Design Systems, LLC: the premier industry alliance developing leading-edge technology along with providing complementary marketing planning, budgeting, content and consultative support; and sales recruiting, education, coaching, consulting, and performance and profit enhancement for Home Services Contractors.

Drew's 41 years of experience in all facets of running a residential contracting business help companies implement effective lead generating marketing sales strategies to build multi-million-dollar profit-generating home services companies. Drew is a renowned author, educator, coach, consultant, inspirational/educational/"irritational"/aspirational speaker, software developer, industry philanthropist, and an International Consultant Award Winner.

Drew is also the president of the Ron Cameron Foundation, a Board member, a Foundation Board Trustee, a Contractor University Founder & Faculty member for the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA), a member of Black Belt Contracting (BBC), and a member of Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).