EGIA Contractor University Library Update 9/17/19

The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


8.1 - Fundamentals of Sales Management: This set of practices defines the processes to organize a Sales Management function within a company. As a company grows, at some point, the ownership of all processes need to be handled by one person to ensure that hiring, training, development, sales results, and meetings drive performance.

8.3 - Application Knowledge for Comfort Advisors in Sales: Retail in-home sales requires great sales technique to be successful, including the ability to build great relationships and trust. It also requires a knowledge and awareness of "Application" issues as they relate to a home and its construction. It is entirely possible to sell well and not know anything about HVAC, the issues occur when the install teams begin to suffer the consequences of poor application awareness. This group of best practices is all about creating a baseline for Comfort Advisors who sell to learn the fundamentals. Use the manuals and videos to educate new personnel.

8.4 - The Sales Process Step by Step - Blocking and Tackling in Retail Sales: The processes of selling defined into the steps. There are numerous areas we need to define and understand to "Optimize" a salesperson's performance. There is very little new in sales process, yet we need to understand the blocking and tackling processes. Study the sales process video and the ideas, and study the manual to understand how you can improve your day-to-day sales processes.

8.6 - The Credibility Manual - Building Trust:A credibility (presentation) manual is an effective approach to building trust and ultimately getting a buyer to understand "WHY" your company is the choice. How you use the credibility manual is the essential issue to consider. Your presentation style and system need to be matched together, and you as a salesperson need to be well versed on how to find and present specific areas and sections that matter to the homeowner. Follow the best practices and learn how to improve your technique.


19.4 - Plumbing Flat Rate Database of Repairs, & Task Times: This is the plumbing pricing setup and your database of all repairs. We establish a base labor rate for our company and it links to the worksheet with all repairs displaying your gross margin for each repair, and you can change the yellow areas to your costs and task times, markup tables etc. to create your own prices. Update the book twice a year if needed. The worksheet is not protected so make this your company version. You can upload the repairs and all the data as an ASCII database to make your repair codes part of your billing system by repair code.

19.4 - Plumbing Flat Rate - Consumer Price Pages: Use these price pages to present the consumer flat rate price for any given repair, or stack of repairs. This also contains discussions around a plumbing whole-house inspection plan, which you can use as part of a discount on the repair, or stack of repairs. This is an editable Word file, so you can import your prices from the database.