EGIA Contractor University Library Update 5/4/20

The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


5.3 - Breakeven Calculations and Strategy: This article explains the ideas and formula for breaking even. It also delves into the pricing methods used to employ as a strategy, tied to your company's ability to be financially organized. Breaking even is normally not a recommendation, but more a placeholder for awareness of what a company true costs are to operate in a vertical, on a job, or department.

7.2 - Social Media Campaign Example: Social Media has many uses in brand development, and if positioned well can be a lead generation tool as well. The challenge is to be "Cause" focused, yet still create brand awareness and impressions but not cross the socially accepted mores/norms for what is taking advantage of a cause or situation. Attached is a sample campaign plan with no creative (creative needs developed in all social media campaigns to match the cause). Each campaign should be outlined and tracked with analytics, tied into your dashboard for impressions, leads, cost per lead, and if you can attribute the conversions as well.


20.7 - Plumbing Truck Stock: Use these materials to identify the materials list you may like on a plumbing vehicle.

20.7 - Master Inventory for Plumbing Truck: Use this list to define your truck stock, from the master inventory list. The master list is all the good stuff we may want, this list is the actual inventory a plumbing company wants to decide on keeping in inventory. Fill out the costs, the supplier, and the valuation. Each firm is unique, so this list will NOT be the end all be all, but a guideline in what to consider and edit so you have your own version. Suppliers can help, but also be mindful of excess inventory and the number of turns for each unit defined here. The goal is 85% 1st time call completion, not 100%. 100% will lead to excess inventory and bloated costs, fewer turns. 85% gets you an $850 + ticket and a solid set of inventory turns (4-6 turns is ideal).