EGIA Contractor University Library Update 12/3/19

The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


8.12 - Utilizing to Home Comfort Assessment Tool: Debriefing on the in-home assessment tool is critical to being able to assess options. Our desire is to define the most appropriate options and drive the education and value added process to the customer.

8.13 - Sales Load Calculation - Manual J Process: Conducting a whole home analysis is crucial to defining proper application, airflow, details of the job, and defining the specification for the work required. And most importantly the Comfort Advisor approach to the sales process, to develop value and trust in the sales relationship. Utilize the Manual J and application workflow to insure we cover our details and build maximum value around client experience.

8.13 - Sales Application Process - Work/Job Site Specification: The application process is essential to define the work requirements on the job site for all install crews. Utilize the forms to define your application sequence. It is important for all companies to understand the application processes and work flow, so utilize this video to define your questions, processes and answers.

8.14 - Presenting Financing in the Sales Process: Presenting financing needs to happen early and often. Financing is the gatekeeper to a higher average ticket and increased closure rates. Use this video and support materials, along with Industry Expert Drew Cameron to learn the best practices to present financing.

8.16 - Presenting Solutions-Options to Clients-Sales Process: Once a Comfort Advisor has defined the clients needs, wants and desires as well as the application requirements, it is time to present the solutions based on those answers. This video discuss how to present options to the customers and move the sales process closer to trial close and closure.

8.18 - Sales Process - Trial Close & Closing Sales: Utilize this video to identify the methods you can employ to overcome objections and execute a closing technique in the sale.

8.19 - Investment Agreement - Closing Paperwork: This best practice video defines the Investment Agreement and its usage to create a price, create a work specification and present the customers value proposition.

8.20 - Customer Quality Audit & Review: Once the installation is completed the customer quality check process has to be administered. Utilize this best practice video to construct your company version of a QC process.

13.18 - Dealing with a Employee Substance Abuse Policy: Utilize the notes in this video to determine a employee substance abuse policy for your company. The details in this best practice can help you ask questions and get aligned in your company plan for employee assistance.

15.5 - Warehouse - Creating Packages for Installation Efficiency: Companies need to define the warehouse function clearly. Part of that is to create logistical packages. Each replacement model needs itemized and packages created, with organized detailed materials lists set for the crew. This promotes simplicity in sales process, reliability in the warehouse deliverable. Use the video the learn the fundamentals.

15.6 - Warehouse Management Process: The warehouse can be a challenging environment for organization, or in some cases disorganization. What companies need to aspire to have, is a warehouse and logistics system that executes and delivers consistently for staging, replenishment, accuracy and supports job completion. Use this video to consider the options which can enhance your warehouse layout and planning.