EGIA Contractor University Library Update 11/19/19

The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


11.6 - Tune-Up Marketing - Service Agreements: Developing a strong and vibrant service agreement model requires a multi-pronged approach to get to a KPI of 1500 per million. The strategy of using "Tune-Up" marketing to identify new clients and convert them into a full club membership is essential to developing a broader scaled client base. This video focuses on the ideas behind Tune-Up marketing, and how to execute the model of selling a tune up but also creating possible accessory sales, or other opportunities.

13.16 - The Safety Manual: This is a video on the need and process for establishing a safety manual for your company. Safety is a major initiative for most company's, and often tales a back seat since it tends to be like insurance, you need it when you need it. However, it is important for the safety and well being of all our personnel and team members, we have a strong safety process in place and are team are well educated. Use this video and resources to outline your strategy and execution on safety.

17.2 - Fleet Maintenance and Organization: Maintaining a proper fleet is essential in developing a great service business that is reliable. The important part is we are a vehicle intensive set of trades, so the reliability and regularly scheduled maintenance is crucial to being able to grow a service enterprise. This video addresses the basics for creating a maintenance schedule and assigning a champion.

17.3 - Adding Fleet Vehicles or Assets based on Capacity, Growth Planning: This video takes a deeper look into when to add a asset, specifically vehicles based on capacity, growth and having a dedicated plan to develop sales. While it easy to buy and add the costs, we need to be sure the business we have is sustainable to more than offset the costs associated with fixed assets.

17.4 - Vehicle Costs Controls and Budgeting: All companies should have a key performance indicator for the vehicle costs inside of the company. The costs inside this category of overhead can easily spiral upwards and out of control eating away at profitability. This video focuses on the processes to implement to maintain a budget and remain inside the KPI of 4% or less for fleet costs. Pricing can impact the KPI percentage here so this video is a comprehensive look at costs, budgeting and measurement.

17.5 - Safety for Fleet and Vehicles: Whenever a company is dealing with a large fleet of vehicles, safety process becomes a major part of the protection of the team member and the business. We want to understand the implications of having great safety protocols in place, training our team around these, and having policies to protect the employee and company. This video breaks down the safety manual sections dealing with fleet.

23.1 - Electrical KPI's for Company: This video reviews the key performance indicators (KPI's) for the electrical division or company. Utilize this tool to construct and evaluation of your electrical segment and grow your profitability.

23.2 - Electrical Flat Rate: Utilize this video to educate yourself on how to implement flat rate for the electrical division or company overall. The basis of the electrical flat rate system are generic repairs that are defined by the electrical trade. This is an open source database built on EXCEL, non-protected, so you can edit and create your version of the tools. Watch this video to understand the tools, and the electrical whole house inspection product, setting your prices, and the training needed to execute well.