EGIA Contractor University Library Update 1/21/20

The following resources have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Resource Library. To access these new tools, visit the Best Practices Library.


10.10 - Technician Daily Tracking Report Example: Utilize this example EXCEL template as an example for daily tracking of all aspects of technician opportunities.

10.10 - Technician Detailed Tracker: This is a detailed daily tracker for tech opportunities.

20.2 - Plumbing Inspection Form: Utilize this form to create your version of a plumbing whole house inspection platform. The checklist allows the plumbing technician to professionally walk through a dwelling and ensure full evaluation of reporting to a owner, starting a conversation about the efficacy of the mechanical systems.

20.4 - Art Pages - Consumer Facing Presentation: Utilize the plumbing art pages to develop a presentation system for the plumbing technician and explain the need for maintenance on the plumbing mechanical in the home. This file is designed to be edited, improved and can help a technician sell more accessories and explain repairs more easily.


10.15 - After Hours Procedures: Utilize the procedures defined in the example to formulate your own company policy, process, and pay plan for after hours calls.