April 23, 2019 - Volume 74
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
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"Closing Sales Opportunities by Providing Solutions"

The majority of all sales presentations end without the salesperson formally asking for the order even once.

In part four of an ongoing series on service technician training, Weldon Long introduces the final steps of the R.I.S.C. process to show you how to provide solutions and more importantly, conclude your sales presentation by securing a “yes” or “no” answer. Plus, Gary Elekes shares his approach for tracking digital conversions.

All that and more, on this week's episode of Cracking the Code!

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
on TV and Radio Advertising

Advertising through television and radio has been a long-lived marketing approach for reaching highly targeted audiences. But has broadcast advertising lost its luster in today’s digital landscape? In this month’s Snapshot Survey, we’re revisiting two previous surveys to understand how your company is currently utilizing tv and radio and how broadcast advertising has evolved over the last five years.

Take this month's survey on TV and Radio Advertising and be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa or MasterCard gift card.

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
The following training materials have been added to the Contracting Best Practices Online Library this week. EGIA Premium & Plus members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.

checkmark 2.1 - Company Scaling Up Growth Template
checkmark 13.11 - 360 Degree Leadership Appraisal
checkmark 20.1 - Credit Application - Commercial Client
checkmark 20.1 - Commercial Building Survey Form
checkmark 20.1 - Commercial Customer Assessment Form - Questions for Interview
checkmark 20.1 - Customer Relationship Form - CRM Data Entry
checkmark 20.1 - Commercial Equipment Rental Subcontract Form
checkmark 20.1 - Equipment Survey for Commercial Pricing
checkmark 20.1 - Commercial Labor Services Detail for Pricing Maintenance
checkmark 20.2 - CAM Commercial Account Manager Pay Plan
checkmark 20.2 - Commercial Sales Tracking Tool - CAM Sales Tracking
checkmark 20.2 - Commercial Account Manager (CAM) Role Description
checkmark 20.2 - Commercial (CAM) Offer Letter for Employment and Pay
checkmark 20.2 - Commercial Operations Manager Role Description
checkmark 20.3 - Commercial Maintenance Sales Process (CAM) Sales Presentation
checkmark 20.3 - Commercial Sales Process - Maintenance Selling - Benefits Matrix
checkmark 20.3 - Commercial Proposal Agreement Form - Maintenance Proposal
checkmark 20.3 - Commercial Maintenance Direct Marketing Letters
checkmark 20.3 - Commercial Maintenance Existing Client Direct Marketing Referral Letters
checkmark 20.3 - Commercial Prospect Scripts - Cold Calls
checkmark 20.4 - Commercial Maintenance - Manpower and Labor Planner
checkmark 2.7 Scaling a Growth Business
checkmark 20.1 - Commercial Strategy for Entry into Maintenance
checkmark 20.3 - Maintenance Proposal - Commercial Sales Process
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Submit HVAC Scholarship Application by April 30, 2019

The EGIA Foundation is awarding 20 scholarships of $2,500 to students studying HVAC at an accredited community college, technical/vocational school, or other approved technical institute during the 2019-2020 academic year.

The last day for application submission is APRIL 30. Please share this opportunity with any high school seniors or recent graduates looking to advance their career in HVAC.

To learn more about the program and its eligibility requirements, or to apply, click below.

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In March 2019, we surveyed contractors on employee retention. Below is the result from one of the questions we asked:

How long has the average technician been employed at your company?

Turnover can be disastrous for a business owner, with an estimated cost of 200% of a year’s salary for highly-skilled positions. So once you’ve acquired new talent, it’s even more crucial to keep them onboard. According to the contractors who took our survey, the most common term-of-employment for technicians (37%) is two and four years. It’s encouraging to see that nearly half (47%) of reported technicians have been employed four or more years. Contractors also communicated similar employment durations for office workers, with the majority having worked for their respective companies for two to four years.


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Free Snippet from Our Biweekly “Ask the Experts” Conference Calls

I’ve seen a huge influx of companies using subcontract workers for installs. Do you see this becoming the new norm?


I have not seen a huge influx of that. I’ve seen it here and there. Maybe it just depends on the part of the country but personally, I haven’t seen a ton of it. It might be the plan of the future for the Amazons of the world and the big box stores that are looking to sell equipment and partnering with someone to install it. I guess you could look at that as a kind of subcontractor relationship. …

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The final EGIA Contractor University in-person workshop of our spring session kicks off tomorrow in Philadelphia!

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EGIA Podcast
“Shoulder Season Marketing Ideas”

On ContractorConnect.org, Kenneth asked:

“I’m looking to see what shoulder season marketing campaigns have been successful. Any ideas would be appreciated.”

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In-Home Sales

In-Home Sales is one of the 10 core areas of curriculum available through EGIA Contractor University. For each core curriculum topic, online classes, in-person workshops and online library resources (videos, templates, and implementation tools) are available for EGIA members. To learn more about our in-home sales training, watch the intro video below and take the online class demo.

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HVAC Sales Academy Video
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