August 21, 2018 - Volume 40
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
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“How to Handle Sticker Shock”

Sticker shock can be a big hurdle for a lot of homeowners. So what exactly do you do when a so-far cooperative customer sees the price and flips out?

This week, Weldon Long takes on the age-old subject: How can you ease the unrealistic price expectations some homeowners may have, so you don't wind up simply giving them the cheapest system that won't leave them satisfied?

That, plus the greater "price objection" issue and much more, in this week's episode of Cracking the Code!

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Free Snippet from the Weekly "Ask the Experts" Conference Calls

Is duct cleaning or duct sealing really worth our time?


Well, that’s an interesting question as well. It is worth your time if it’s a business model that you feel you’re committed to. I think that comes back to just about anything in life. If it’s something that you’re strictly looking at, “Is it worth my time because is it profitable or not profitable?” that is a different framing of the question ...

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EGIA Podcast
“7 Laws of Sales Success”

Mark Matteson continues his series on sales in the latest episode of Contractor Coffee Club. This time, Mark offers seven things that will drive your sales mentality and success rate, along with other strategies and tactics that have helped him master HVAC sales over the last several decades.

Plus, a look at industry research data on inventory management and what it means for your company.

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on After-Hours Service Calls

After-hours service calls can be a tricky proposition to juggle. Offering the convenience to your customers can be a big draw, as they know they’ll never be caught without heat or air conditioning. But figuring out how to manage the process and what to pay for it can be difficult. In this month’s Snapshot Survey, we’re asking all about after-hours service calls to get an idea of what’s working in the industry – and what isn’t.

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Recently, we surveyed contractors about their Inventory Management. Below is the result from one of the questions we asked:

Does your company have a formal, data-driven forecasting process to attempt to ensure the correct inventory is on hand?

While every contracting company carries some inventory, only 17% of surveyed companies use a formal, data-driven process to forecast how much they should have on hand, while 83% simply estimate. Of course, not having equipment when you need it can cost you sales, but holding excess inventory is likewise going to impact your bottom line by occupying capital you could be allocating elsewhere while increasing the many fixed and variable costs associated with warehousing. In a perfect world, you’d have zero inventory on-hand while the supplier never misses an order. Short of that however, you should at least proactively incorporate data in order to forecast as accurately as possible. Some considerations include:

checkmark Previous sales history -- What products have sold in the past? What quantities? What time of year?
checkmark External influences like utility rebate programs or distributor pull-through programs
checkmark Planned growth
checkmark Planned marketing initiatives and associated demand changes
checkmark New equipment models and models that will become obsolete, according to distributor or manufacturer

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EGIA Podcast
“Installations Trash Removal”

On, Jack asked:

“Is anyone using job site trash service? Currently we are bringing our install trucks in daily to load and remove trash from previous jobs. I was wondering if anyone was leaving trash curbside for a clean-up crew to come remove from the client’s property later in the day?”

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EGIA Podcast
“Four Steps to Optimize a Duct System”

A question I’m frequently asked is, where do you start when improving a poorly performing duct system? Do you tear it out and start over again, or is there an easier way? The good news is, there is a simple way and a logical pattern you can follow to optimize a duct system. Let’s look at four steps you can use to start correcting duct systems in a sequential order.

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EPIC 2018
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EPIC2018, EGIA’s hotly anticipated contractor conference, is officially sold out!

Featuring can’t-miss keynote presentations from sales psychology expert Connie Podesta and legendary outdoorsman Aron Ralston, who’s harrowing story inspired the Oscar-nominated film 127 Hours, as well as breakout sessions led by some of the industry’s most acclaimed educators, EPIC2018 takes place September 27-28 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

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20 Students Selected for Their Passion & Commitment to Industry

The EGIA Foundation has selected its first-ever class of scholarship recipients, a group of students who will be pursuing education in an HVAC-related field at an accredited two-year college, vocational or technical school, or other approved institute during the 2018-19 academic year!

One of the EGIA Foundation’s core activities, the scholarship program helps to improve the ongoing workforce shortage in the home services industry by awarding twenty $2,500 scholarship to select dedicated individuals who are currently seeking education to better prepare themselves for a career in the industry.

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Customer Service & Dispatching Training is one of the 10 core areas of curriculum available through EGIA Contractor University, created to streamline and improve the customer service process and help companies book more of the calls they’re already receiving. For each core curriculum topic, online classes, in-person workshops and online library resources (videos, templates, and implementation tools) are available for EGIA members. To learn more about our Customer Service & Dispatching Training, watch the intro video below and take the online class demo.

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