May 22, 2018
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
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“Getting Ready for Summer, Part 2”

With the summer busy season heating up, you need to maximize every opportunity for revenue while the phone's ringing off the hook.

In this week's Cracking the Code, Weldon Long continues the discussion on how to ensure your company is ready for summer, including how to keep your revenue per lead up -- without hiring an additional comfort advisor -- when those total leads double.

Watch the show now before it enters the members-only archive on May 28th.

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
Free Snippet from the Weekly "Ask the Experts" Conference Calls

Why should I offer financing to a cash buyer?


You need to have a process, follow your process, don’t let whatever customers say or don’t say or how they act knock you off your game per se. That’s why we standardize the process. ...

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
Last month, we surveyed contractors on Vehicle Fleet. Below is the result from one of the questions we asked:

Does your company use a fleet management service?

More and more often, home services companies are choosing to use specialized services or outside agencies to manage the functions of their business outside of their core competencies – from marketing to payroll and everything in between. For nearly a third of surveyed businesses, that goes for using fleet management services as well: 32% of companies reported doing so, against 68% that manage everything on their own. While needs vary based on various factors like company size – some businesses certainly have the resources available to effectively manage internally – management services may be able to cut enough costs through efficiency, increased productivity, insurance savings and more to offset the price of the service.


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Visit for exclusive discounts on fleet management services, from companies including Smart Fleet.

EGIA Podcast
“Turn Your Job Into Your Calling”

What's the difference between a job, a career, and a calling? And how can you turn your job into your calling -- and make yourself irreplaceable to your employer or your customer in the process?

Mark Matteson explains on the latest episode of Contractor Coffee Club. Plus a Snapshot Survey focus on vehicle fleet and the value of vehicle wraps!

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on Company Vision & Culture

A company vision can go a long way toward informing a business plan and aligning employees toward a common goal and ideal. But how do you establish that vision? And what role does company culture play? In May’s Snapshot Survey, we’re asking all about Company Vision & Culture to get an idea of which practices work throughout the industry – and which don’t.

Take this month's survey on Company Vision & Culture and be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa or Mastercard gift card.

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EPIC 2018
The Experience You Need to Help Your Business Thrive

Attend EPIC2018 September 27-28 in Las Vegas, and experience the keynote speakers, breakout presentations, networking opportunities and indispensable resources you need to recharge and evolve your contracting business -- whether you're struggling with profitability or simply trying to get to the next level of success!

Keynote speakers include human behavior expert Connie Podesta and legendary outdoorsman Aron Ralston, whose harrowing story inspired the Oscar-nominated film 127 Hours. Smaller sessions on topics crucial to contracting businesses will be led by Contractor University’s acclaimed faculty, including Weldon Long, Gary Elekes, Drew Cameron and more!

For attendees who can arrive September 26, a welcome reception will be hosted at the Marquee Nightclub, including complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres and the industry’s best networking opportunities.

All contractors are welcome. Free registrations are available for EGIA Premium, Plus and CBS members. Visit for more details or to register for the event that will change your life and impact your business forever!

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
Prosperity Mindset Training

Learn how to develop a prosperity mindset that delivers transformational business results and allows you to thrive and prosper in the face of any adversity. Whether the challenge is the economy, cheap competitors or personal difficulty, you will learn how to become an unbeatable and unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the marketplace.

HVAC Sales Academy Video
Prosperity Mindset Class Demo
HVAC Sales Academy Video
Prosperity Mindset Intro Video
Industry Leading Financing Available for Contractors

One of the top manufacturers worldwide of laptops, tablets, desktops, servers and more, Lenovo develops, produces and markets secure, user-friendly, high-quality products and services for customers who want tech that does more.

Special Offer for EGIA Members:
30% off laptops, tablets, desktops, all-in-ones, workstations, servers & accessories, plus many more benefits!
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Industry Leading Financing Available for Contractors
At EGIA, we have found that the most successful contractors throughout the country all have one major thing in common: they offer financing options with every sale. Yet it can be confusing weaving your way through all the financing solutions in the marketplace, and costly to pick the wrong one for your company. Our GEOSmart Financing Clearinghouse solves that problem. EGIA will clear the way and help you pick the right program for your business. We have done the research, vetted the leading finance service offerings, and leveraged our national buying power to secure the best financing solutions for our EGIA members.
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