April 24, 2018
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
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What is the expected revenue goal per year for a dedicated comfort advisor?


Back in 2007, 2008, 2009, I gave bonuses to our people for hitting $1 million in sales. That was kind of the brass ring, the Holy Grail – a million-dollar producer. And today that’s eclipsed by countless people, and the expectations have risen...

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
“Customer Service is the Foundation of Your Company”

Customer service isn't just for your customer -- it can increase your company's revenue.

In this week's episode of Cracking the Code, Weldon Long explains why customers will pay more for the same product with better customer service -- and how much more!

Also, how to establish and train for a customer service culture, and strategies for stepping up your customer service, from industry luminaries Gary Elekes, Brigham Dickinson and Mark Matteson.

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
Last month, we surveyed contractors on Direct Mail Marketing. Below is the result from one of the questions we asked:

What months do you get the best response rate for your direct mail campaigns?
(select all that apply)

Coming as no real surprise, surveyed contractors picked the end of the shoulder seasons/beginning of busy seasons as the time they got their best direct mail response rates, with June (40% response rate) and November (37%) leading the way, followed by May (34%) and October (31%). Of course, that’s when contractors are gearing up for the busy season, and when homeowners want to ensure their heating and AC are ready for ramped up use, so that’s probably the best time to remind prospective customers what you have to offer – via mail as well as other communication channels.

26% said they don’t know when their best response rates are, which speaks to a lack of measurement and tracking that should be avoided at all costs. If you’re going to spend money on marketing, have systems in place to measure whether you’re actually getting your money’s worth; it’s possible money is being spent on months or products that are generating no return, but without tracking there would be no way to know.


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EGIA Podcast
“What Gets Measured Gets Done”

Where performance is measured, performance improves. But how do you know what to measure? And how can you use that measurement to ensure your performance -- salespeople, service techs, anyone -- is where it should be?

Mark Matteson explains that and more in the latest episode of Contractor Coffee Club. Plus, how the simple method Mark calls the "Hour of Power" can transform your day-to-day life -- personal and professional.

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
on Vehicle Fleet

Every home services company needs vehicles. But how those vehicles are managed can vary widely between companies, from total costs and types of vehicle to how ongoing costs are covered. In April's Snapshot Survey, we're asking all about Vehicle Fleet to determine how companies use them in their overall strategy.

Take this month's survey, on Vehicle Fleets, and be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa or Mastercard Gift Card.

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE

Just three more EGIA Contractor University in-person workshops remain on our spring calendar – and spots are nearly all filled up!

A handful of seats remain available for the Sacramento session of The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional workshop April 26-27, as well Technician Communications & Selling in Philadelphia May 8-9. The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional in Philly May 16-17 is sold out, but waitlist spots are still available!

Each delivers powerful, digestible insights and strategies that attendees can take back and implement in their companies immediately. Free registrations are available for EGIA Premium Members.

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EPIC 2018
The Experience You Need to Help Your Business Thrive

Attend EPIC2018 September 27-28 in Las Vegas, and experience the keynote speakers, breakout presentations, networking opportunities and indispensable resources you need to recharge and evolve your contracting business -- whether you're struggling with profitability or simply trying to get to the next level of success!

Keynote speakers include human behavior expert Connie Podesta and legendary outdoorsman Aron Ralston, whose harrowing story inspired the Oscar-nominated film 127 Hours. Smaller sessions on topics crucial to contracting businesses will be led by Contractor University’s acclaimed faculty, including Weldon Long, Gary Elekes, Drew Cameron and more!

For attendees who can arrive September 26, a welcome reception will be hosted at the Marquee Nightclub, including complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres and the industry’s best networking opportunities.

All contractors are welcome. Free registrations are available for EGIA Premium, Plus and CBS members. Visit EGIA.org/EPIC2018 for more details or to register for the event that will change your life and impact your business forever!

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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
Leadership Training

Leadership Training is one of the 10 core areas of curriculum available through EGIA Contractor University, designed to help owners and managers develop their skills that facilitate growth in the company. For each core curriculum topic, online classes, in-person workshops and online library resources (videos, templates, and implementation tools) are available for EGIA members. To learn more about our Leadership Training, watch the intro video below and take the online class demo.

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HVAC Sales Academy Video
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Pearl Certification

A national firm certifying high-efficiency, high-performing homes, Pearl Certification's Pearl Contractor Advantage Network delivers powerful sales and engagement tools to HVAC and other residential contractors.

Pearl Advantage Network contractors can expect to gain real estate broker referrals, leverage and convert leads, and add value (a 5% increase according to an independent study) to customers' homes.

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Industry Leading Financing Available for Contractors
At EGIA, we have found that the most successful contractors throughout the country all have one major thing in common: they offer financing options with every sale. Yet it can be confusing weaving your way through all the financing solutions in the marketplace, and costly to pick the wrong one for your company. Our GEOSmart Financing Clearinghouse solves that problem. EGIA will clear the way and help you pick the right program for your business. We have done the research, vetted the leading finance service offerings, and leveraged our national buying power to secure the best financing solutions for our EGIA members.
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