September 25, 2017
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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Show
As every contractor knows, it's easy for us to close our deals during the summer months. When it's 100 degrees outside, homeowners practically throw their business at us. Our homeowners know they need our services and the only concern at that point is price, but once the temperature drops to 70 it becomes much more difficult than just dropping off a bid. That's when we need to get back to two of the most essential fundamentals we may have neglected during the summer months: building a positive relationship with our homeowners and really investigating our homeowners’ problems in order to eliminate their objections before they have a chance to bring them up. This week, we join Weldon Long as he continues with part 3 of our Back to Basics series, in a segment we call “Relationship and Investigation.”
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the Contracting Best Practices Library. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to
access these resources.
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hrHVAC Sales Academy VideoVIDEOShr
checkmark Service Marketing Plan Ideas (Section 10.5)
checkmark Technician Lead Turnover - Over 10 and Demand Service (Section 10.8)
checkmark Running a Daily Service Huddle (Section 10.11)
checkmark Customer Service Excellence - Tactics for Brand Experience (Section 14.3)
checkmark Building an Exceptional Brand Experience- Video 1 -The Customer Service Experience (Section 14.3)
checkmark Developing a Customer Experience - Video 2 - The Brand Experience (Section 14.3)
checkmark Brand Experience - Dispatching Processes (Section 14.3)
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