August 17, 2017
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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Show
Now that we've learned about the four major social styles and how to recognize them, it's time to learn how to deal with each social style in the field. Every social style has its own personality traits. Our goal is to use our knowledge of those personality traits to have the best possible interaction with our homeowner, but there's one more social style that factors into this equation: yours. Knowing and understanding your own social style enables you to adapt or "flex" your social style to give homeowners the best possible customer experience.
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Train Your Mind and the Sales Will Follow

Sales legend Weldon Long knows that a great salesperson starts with the proper mindset – he wrote the New York Times bestselling book on the subject. In our latest video, Weldon explains how anyone can develop the prosperity mindset through education and training. More importantly, he explains an often overlooked but vital concept: the relationship between a contractor’s mindset and their sales results.

Mindset Video
Contractor Leadership LIVE Agenda
Register for Contractor Leadership LIVE &
Attend TWO Bonus Events
Next month, Contractor Leadership LIVE brings the industry’s best educators, networking events and vendor exhibition to Cleveland, Ohio. But did you know that attendees also get access to a pair of business-changing special workshops?

Five hundred all-access registrants can attend two workshops on Tuesday, September 12, for no added cost! At 9:30am, Joe Crisara, America’s Service Coach, and EGIA Contractor University faculty member Mike Robinson will lead the Pure Motive Pricing workshop, diving into the impact that pricing has on your company's results and culture.

At 1:00pm, famed media personality and EGIA Contractor University faculty member Ellen Rohr will tackle a very different presentation: Back on Track – How to Have the Tough Conversations. Ellen, who has been featured on NBC News, the New York Times, Huffington Post and many other programs and publications, will offer strategies for handling awkward situations like the chronic latecomer, personal issues affecting work performance, and more – including audience suggestions.

Both classes are only available to the first 500 contractors who register for an all-access pass, so space is running out quickly.

EGIA members, use the free conference registrations that come with your membership to attend CLL! Non-members use the promo code CLL20 for a limited time and get an all-access pass for $245 – that is more than half off the normal price! For registration assistance, call 888-213-9320.
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For more information contact EGIA Member Services at 866-502-2021
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