August 10, 2017
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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Show
Social Styles for Technicians
No matter how good your sales process is, you aren't going to be able to sell everyone the same exact way every time. There are roughly 7 billion people in the world and every single one of them is different with their own personalities. The fast-paced, results-driven homeowner you talked to on your last call could be very different from the slow-paced, detail-oriented homeowner on your next call. Fortunately, most homeowners will fall into one of four major social styles. The trick is to figure out which social style your homeowner falls under and use that information to sell to them more effectively. This week, we're joined once again by EGIA Faculty Member Gary Elekes as he breaks down the four major social styles, how to spot them, and how to sell to them.
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