June 22, 2017
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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
EGIA Contractor University Weekly Show
Indoor Air Quality Fundamentals
For the next few weeks, we will be joined in the studio by the vice president of residential sales for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions and EGIA Faculty Member, Steve Mores, for a series of shows that will focus on creating a win-win-win scenario for our company, our homeowners, and ourselves using indoor air quality. Not only will you be able to tap in to a $13 billion industry, but you’ll be able to solve more problems and create better solutions for your homeowners by focusing on improving their indoor air quality. Today, Steve kicks off this series by explaining the fundamentals, background, and history of indoor air quality.
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Learn Industry Leaders’ Keys to Success at Contractor Leadership LIVE
In September, the inaugural Contractor Leadership LIVE conference will bring together contractors and the educators, keynote speakers, breakout sessions and revelatory insights that can radically transform their businesses – making a struggling business a successful one or taking an already-winning business to the next level. Which topics can you expect covered in Cleveland that week? We’ve refined our list to include the most immediate and effective subjects for contractors of all size, including:
Presenter Picture
How to Have Tough Conversations
Presented by: Ellen Rohr
Presenter Picture
Opening Keynote - Making Your Dream of Financial Prosperity a Reality: The 3 Keys to Guarantee Success in Your Contracting Business
Presented by: Weldon Long
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An Insider's Secret to Sales Success: You Don't Need More Leads to Increase Your Sales and Profits … You Need LEVERAGE
Presented by: Drew Cameron
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Book More Calls, WOW More Customers and Make More Money!
Presented by: Brigham Dickinson
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Customers Service Excellence: How to KEEP More of the Business You Have, and Soft Skills for Your Frontline
Presented by: Mark Matteson
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Everyone Wins with Performance-Based Compensation: Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Morale by Rewarding Your High-Productivity Employees
Presented by: James Leichter
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Leadership: Improving Execution to Drive Profits
Presented by: Gary Elekes
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The Seasonality Challenge: How HVAC Companies Can Grow Offseason Revenues with Targeted Marketing & New Services
Presented by: Peter Troast
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Closing Keynote - Preparing for Greatness
Presented by: NFL Legend Ray Lewis
Contractor Leadership LIVE, the most anticipated new contractor event of 2017, takes place September 12-14 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The free conference registrations that are included with EGIA membership can be used for Contractor Leadership LIVE! For more information, call EGIA Event Services at 888-213-9320 or visit the website linked below.
Contractor Leadership LIVE Website
For more information contact EGIA Member Services at 866-502-2021
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