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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
This Weeks Featured Content

Set to take the industry by storm in September, the inaugural Contractor Leadership LIVE event – co-hosted by EGIA, Contracting Business and HVAC-Talk.com – gives contractors access to the best educators, presenters, networking and vendor exhibition in the business. While it's still nearly four months away, some big developments will be dropping online in the days to come. Make sure you're following CLL on social media for plenty of eye-opening updates, including the announcement of the BIG NAME celebrity keynote speaker.
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HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Running a Thorough Service Call
As service technicians, we have to deal with 2 sides of a service call: the "technical" side of things and the "sales" side of things. And, let's be honest, we service techs often don't like dealing with the sales side of things. We're so worried about coming off as a "pushy sales guy" that we might cut corners and maybe not be as thorough with our process. But what if I told you that not being thorough during the sales process would be doing a disservice to our homeowner? Be thorough, complete the process, and don't skip steps - that is your professional responsibility.
HVAC Sales Academy Video
Premium EGIA Members: Log-in at the link below and click on the HVAC Sales Academy box in the Contractor Portal to watch this week's training and learn more about running a thorough service call.
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the Contracting Best Practices Online Training Platform. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.
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hrHVAC Sales Academy VideoVIDEOShr
checkmark Getting Your Team in on the Game, Part 3: Training Your Team to Know Your Numbers, with Ellen Rohr
checkmark Getting Your Team in on the Game, Part 4: Keeping Score, with Ellen Rohr
checkmark Getting Your Team in on the Game, Part 5: Refining the Score Keeping, with Ellen Rohr
checkmark Blogging for Success – SEO Best Practices Using a Blog, with Andrew Allen
checkmark Brand Development – How to Create a Great Brand for Your Company, with Elaina Burdick
checkmark Cost Per Lead for Setting Goals in Advertising, with Elaina Burdick
checkmark Dispatching - Becoming Great at Dispatching, with Brigham Dickinson
checkmark Call Center Management – Using Technology for Productivity, with Brigham Dickinson
checkmark Customer Service – Make Everyone FEEL Special, with Brigham Dickinson
checkmark Inventory Control ACTION PLAN – How-to Step by Step
checkmark Service Truck HVAC Master Truck Stock
checkmark HVAC Service Truck Inventory Sample
checkmark Service and Install Start Up Truck Outline and Stock
checkmark Truck Inventory Stock and Replenishment
checkmark Inventory Planning for Equipment in Contracting
checkmark Standardized Truck Stock Systems to Hit KPI's
checkmark Driving Parts Costs in Service to KPI's
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