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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
This Weeks Featured Content
The Philadelphia EGIA Contractor University Conference is now underway! Follow EGIA on social media to get a live look at what's happening at the event, including behind-the-scenes interviews with featured presenters, look-ins on business-changing presentations, key takeaways and more! Click below to virtually join #EGIAtour17 as it is taking place today and tomorrow.
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HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Show Your Value
Years ago, Weldon Long needed some concrete steps poured off the back of his driveway. He called the number of a concrete guy named Joe he'd seen around town to have him take a look at it. Now, Weldon had already decided on a budget of around $1,000 to get his steps poured. Joe came out and Weldon showed him the area where he wanted the steps poured and explained to Joe what he wanted. After Weldon finished up talking to Joe about his steps, Joes went quiet for a moment. Then, Joe asked Weldon a simple question that made him jump his budget from $1,000 to $5,000 almost instantly.
HVAC Sales Academy Video
Premium EGIA Members: Log-in at the link below and click on the HVAC Sales Academy box in the Contractor Portal to watch this week's training to find out what simple question Joe asked Weldon.
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the Contracting Best Practices Online Training Platform. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.
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checkmark CSR - Lead Coordination Scripts
checkmark Sweet Promotion - Selling Equipment to Club Customers in Shoulder Seasons
checkmark Repair Versus Replace Technician Marketing Slip Sheet
checkmark Task Times Defined by Minutes - Install Applications
checkmark Installer Role Description and Expectations - KPI's
checkmark Role Description - Residential Installer
checkmark Operations Manager Role Description and Expectations
checkmark Install Capacity Planning Tool
checkmark Installation - Perfect Installation Procedures
checkmark Quality Checklist
checkmark Install Job Completion Certificate
checkmark Installation Performance Based Pay Plan
checkmark Sample Ad - Comfort Advisors
checkmark Technician Ad
checkmark Sales Manager Spreadsheet for Shared Success
checkmark Dispatcher Shared Success Pay Plan
checkmark Termination Letter and Article
checkmark Executive Assistant to President - GM
checkmark Leading a Service Business
checkmark Service - Material Handling, Stock, Replenishment & Profitability
checkmark Service - Selling Service Agreements, Lead Turnovers, Tech Sales Procedures
checkmark Lead Turnover & Selling Rules
checkmark Service - Training on Repair Versus Replace Options
checkmark Service - Lead Creation in Service
checkmark Maintenance Lead Tech Turnover
checkmark Service - Hiring, Training, Pay, and Development of Service Technicians
checkmark Action Steps - Step by Step to Departmentalize
checkmark Sales Manager Pay Plan
checkmark Service Tool Box for Profits
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