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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
Upcoming EGIA Contractor University Educational Workshops
Becoming Your Best Breakthrough Leadership Workshop
April 20-21 in Midway, UT
World renowned business leadership experts Rob and Steve Shallenberger will be leading a can't-miss leadership workshop for EGIA members on April 20 and 21st in Midway Utah. Register now to reserve your seats at this life-changing event.
checkmark Walk away with a playbook on how to lead your team and organization.
checkmark Learn what you can do to bring out the best in your employees so they can do something ordinary in an "extraordinary" way.
checkmark Learn what makes great leaders great and how you can turn your organization into a "great" organization.
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Registration is $1,195/person. Premium EGIA members can apply their EGIA Contractor University Saving Account Funds to cover this cost.
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Upcoming EGIA Contractor University Educational Workshops
APR 6-7 — Technician Communication & Selling Workshop – Dallas, TX
APR 12 — Entrepreneur Success Workshop – St. Louis, MO
APR 13-14 — St. Louis Contractor University Conference – St. Louis, MO
APR 19-20 — Technician Communication & Selling Workshop – Sacramento, CA
APR 20-21 — Becoming Your Best Breakthrough Leadership Workshop – Midway, UT
APR 25-26 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop – Philadelphia, PA
MAY 3 — Organizational Leadership in the Millennial Generation Workshop – Philadelphia, PA
MAY 4-5 — Entrepreneur Success Workshop – Midway, UT
MAY 4-5 — Philadelphia Contractor University Conference – Philadelphia, PA
Educational Workshop Highlight Video
“I have never had this level of training, anywhere. Words cannot describe the value. Simply amazing.”
– Ryan Cornell, Service Champions
Conference Highlight Video
"I enjoyed the enthusiasm. It was exciting to see other contractors get fired up like I was!"
– Bill Baily, Baily AC
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HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Manufacturing Enthusiasm
Everyone has heard the saying "Find work that you love and you never have to work a day in your life." Sounds ideal, doesn't it? But even if we love our jobs, we're going to have days where everything just feels "off." We recently received an email from one of our members who asked "What do you do when you're just not 'feeling it'?" We've all had a day like that. We're not focused. We're not excited. We're just plain not "feeling it". So, how do we overcome that? What can we do to snap back in to it and make sure we perform at our best when it really counts? By manufacturing enthusiasm.
HVAC Sales Academy Video
Premium EGIA Members: Log-in at the link below and click on the HVAC Sales Academy box in the Contractor Portal to watch this week's training and learn more about manufacturing enthusiasm and excitement.
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the HVAC Business Best Practices online training platform. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.
iconTEMPLATE: Service Tech Example 1 - Productivity Pay Plan
This is a sample pay plan. It is a real life pay plan that is in use. Each company should modify it to fit their own culture and state requirements if any. The goal is to provide a template to work from, including quality control and integrity as core values in the pay plans use.
iconTEMPLATE: Sales Training Manual for In Home Sales
This is a detailed breakdown of each of the 20 steps in the sales process. It is a training template designed to allow you to practice, role play, and work in your company to master a one-call or two-call approach.
iconTEMPLATE: Customer Assessment Tool - Used in the Home
Use this tool to customize a version for your own sales process. This tool is designed to help a customer identify all the benefits, prioritize those benefits and facilitate a conversation about money and financing options. We also have found it unifies the buyers around a value and a set of benefits eliminating many primary objections.
iconTEMPLATE: Comfort Advisor Training Manual Part 1 & 2
This manual is designed to train anyone on the basics of application in our trade for home comfort, and specifically as a system of what the home is and does as an energy platform.
iconTEMPLATE: Application Training Part 3 - Sales Professional
Part 3 of the manual breaks down the application structure of home comfort even further. Test questions at the end are designed to support required knowledge.
iconTEMPLATE: Application Part 4 - Comfort Advisor Training
The 4th section of the manual breaks down the home comfort application even more into components, indoor air, equipment and the fundamentals for a new person in sales to learn about the technical part of the trade.
iconTEMPLATE: Application Training Part 5 - Comfort Advisor Training
Section 5 of the application training defines equipment, how a sales professional may understand the basics of the components. Test questions follow at the end. Use these materials to train any new professional who needs more knowledge on the application side of selling a technical product.
iconTEMPLATE: Hiring Template - Questions and Process to Interview for Sales
This template is for sales professionals to be interviewed and help your preparation, and focus on what to select in terms of attributes. Not all sales professionals are created equal and a company should have a clear understanding of what they want from a new hire, then train for skills.
iconDOCUMENT: Labor Control in a Company - Maximize Productivity
In any company that has labor, be it a plumbing company or HVAC, Pest Control, Solar you name it - the idea of labor to service or install a product is central to creating not only a quality customer experience but a profit as well. The price of the materials is a known figure but our labor is a variable that sometimes moves around and we need to understand how to control any variance, plan for the idea it can happen on applications and create a price that helps us make a profit. Learn the fundamentals of labor management and planning for labor capacity.
iconDOCUMENT: Performance Based Productivity Pay for Service
In this best practice, learn about the methods of service department productivity pay plans. Use the templates as a guideline for how you may want to structure your own performance pay systems for field techs and also the mid management of the labor teams.
iconDOCUMENT: Negotiating Process and Planning
Learn the processes attached to effective supplier negotiations, and gain a deeper understanding of the negotiating process. This section includes information on the supply channel to make your business more prosperous and effective. There are many paths to success and your vendor relationships are critical to that prosperity, yet in many cases as contractors we are not in a position to have as many data points to have conversations that benefit our companies. Use the tools to improve your skills and information in your proactive discussions.
iconDOCUMENT: Leadership Manual for Training
Leadership has many facets, and this document is a training manual for following a blueprint in how to lead a service business based on labor and customer experiences.
iconDOCUMENT: Hiring a Sales Professional for Home Selling
Use these materials to help you identify the attributes for a sales professional, and also to understand what you may seek in having an in-home professional represent your company.
iconDOCUMENT: Sales Process Training Outline Articles and Tools
In this best practice, we explore the sales training processes. A sales professional needs to have a calendar, outline of skills and knowledge to then be trained, and applied in the field. This section has a series of materials designed to help your company train and develop top level sales professionals.
iconDOCUMENT: Sales Process Training Outline Articles and Tools
In this best practice, we explore the sales training processes. A sales professional needs to have a calendar, outline of skills and knowledge to then be trained, and applied in the field. This section has a series of materials designed to help your company train and develop top level sales professionals.
iconDOCUMENT: Financing in the Sales Process - Understand the Flexibility & Power
Financing is such a great tool, and approximately 85% of all homeowners will use a financing approach given the education and proper options. It allows us to work with consumers to free up their concerns on better options, more benefit laden choices and get them into a comfort zone both emotionally and financially, and of course helps our own company success. Learn the basics of financing and how to implement the financing options available through EGIA.
iconDOCUMENT: Sales Professional Interview Process
Improve your interview technique for sales candidates after reading and learning more about the interview processes.
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