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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
This Weeks Featured Content
We are thrilled to announce that on April 12th, world renowned business leadership expert Rob Shallenberger of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership will be conducting a special one-day "Entrepreneur Success" pre-conference educational workshop for contractors who are attending the St. Louis EGIA Contractor University Conference on April 13th and 14th. EGIA is sponsoring the registration fee for the first 100 contractors who RSVP for this life-changing event! Register now for the St. Louis EGIA Contractor University Conference to gain access to this incredible once in a lifetime opportunity.
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April 12th St. Louis Pre-Conference Workshop
April 13th & 14th St. Louis Conference
Video Message From Rob
Upcoming EGIA Contractor University Educational Workshops
Premium EGIA members can use their EGIA Contractor University Savings Account funds to cover the cost of attending any of the upcoming educational workshops taking place throughout the country.
MAR 30 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – San Diego, CA
APR 4-5 — Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop – Philadelphia, PA
APR 6-7 — Service Operations Excellence Workshop – Baltimore, MD
APR 6-7 — Technician Communication & Selling Workshop – Dallas, TX
APR 12 — Entrepreneur Success Workshop – St. Louis, MO
APR 19-20 — Technician Communication & Selling Workshop – Sacramento, CA
APR 20-21 — Becoming Your Best Breakthrough Leadership Workshop – Midway, UT
APR 25-26 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop – Philadelphia, PA
APR 27-28 — Technician Communication & Selling Workshop – Baltimore, MD
Educational Workshop Highlight Video
"I truly believe this is life transforming. Since the class, I sold every job but one. I am ecstatic about my future."
– Eugene Privalov, J.R. Putman Inc.
“I have never had this level of training, anywhere. Words cannot describe the value. Simply amazing.”
– Ryan Cornell, Service Champions
“The best training I have ever attended and I recommend everyone in a call center setting attend this training.”
– Ashli Marks, Big Mountain
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HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Indoor Air Quality
"Indoor Air Quality" is one of those terms that is widely misunderstood by the average homeowner. If you were to ask most homeowners how important indoor air quality is to them, they would most likely place that near the top of their list of concerns. Nobody wants dirty air, right? The problem is that most people think indoor air quality is restricted to the dust they can see floating through their homes and is fixed by a simple duct cleaning. While having clean ducts is still important, that barely scratches the surface of true indoor air quality improvement. As home comfort professionals, it is our responsibility to keep our homeowners informed about what true indoor air quality means and how we can help them raise the quality in their homes. Not only will this help our clients in numerous ways, it will also help increase our revenue.
HVAC Sales Academy Video
Premium EGIA Members: Log-in at the link below and click on the HVAC Sales Academy box in the Contractor Portal to watch this week's training and learn more about how indoor air quality can help you.
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the HVAC Business Best Practices online training platform. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 1 - Think About What You Want
Learn and have fun with Ellen Rohr and consider what it is you want in the business. In the first video Ellen takes us through the ideas of getting back to the basics, what do you really want from your business? She establishes the foundation for planning in a company that gets things done with energy, enthusiasm and passion.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 2 - Perfect Day, Vision, Mission, Goals
In this segment, Ellen leads us through a great exercise of crafting some personal and business ideas of the "Perfect Day" in our business. We can all benefit by understanding the mind is powerful, and directs us to our patterns of success once we reveal it to ourselves. Ellen shows you how to not only establish the look and feel of a perfect day, but the goals and concepts you can implement to make it a reality.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 3 - GOALS - Setting Your Goals
Learn a great method for setting goals from Ellen that is simple and effective. Ellen takes us through the "To have, by when" exercise of establishing your personal, professional and business life goals. Learn why setting a goal is not just a thing we talk about in business but how it focuses your energy and allows you to reach new levels of success.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 4 - Building the Team
Ellen takes us through the concepts in the plan for building our team. The basics of an organizational chart, who is on the team? What is the roster, and who will do what? Ellen breaks down the key reasons why an organization chart is needed, and how it is useful to leadership and decision-making. Ellen also breaks down the ideas of the ladder of improvement in a company and how a role description works to develop your employee team.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 5 - Making Money
In this video, Ellen walks us through the ideas in "Making Money". She walks us through a financial plan, the beginning of understanding a balance sheet and income statement, plus the simplest forms of budgeting - so you can charge more than it costs and "Make Money"! Ellen also reminds us how budgeting is part of a plan to set goals, and is a positive for the planning in our company.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 6 - Getting IT "Sold" - Marketing Plan
In this 6th video, Ellen walks us through the ideas of a marketing and selling plan to help us understand getting it sold requires a few areas for contractors to pay attention to, such as correct pricing to be great at service, how to set-up when a potential customer touches our company and general marketing concepts to improve your profitability. She walks us through the fundamentals of a marketing plan.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 7 - Getting It Done - Implementation
Ellen takes us through the next stage of the plan which is putting all the great ideas into place and how to get it done! She discusses the main ideas of keeping track of a series of projects, the tasks that go with those projects and being sure we can follow through with the implementation.
iconVIDEO: Uncomplicated Plan - Video 8 - Making Sure
In this last video, Ellen discusses the concepts of staying on point. Ellen talks about not getting off track or chasing a shiny objects, and the occasional quality control issue that gives you a fantastic chance to define your company by providing a brand experience, or memorable moment. She finishes off the series with a enthusiastic bang on organizing your business so if you sell it, run it, or transfer it to family it is a great company producing wealth.
iconVIDEO: Getting Your Team Involved in Knowing Your Numbers
In this first video, Ellen discusses getting your team involved in knowing your numbers and sharing those with your team. Building a method to share relevant numbers to build stakeholders.
iconVIDEO: Video 2 - Sharing Your Numbers with Your Team
Ellen takes us through the process of a scorecard. A quick check type and a more detailed summary dashboard. At EGIA, we recommend a dashboard system of some type to keep track of the key areas of the business financially and operationally. Ellen does a fantastic job sharing her real world experience and tools to "SHARE" the data and get everyone aligned to focus the company on improvements.
iconTEMPLATE: Performance Based Pay Keys to Success
In the template, find the materials needed to review with your team the key elements and considerations in performance based pay.
iconTEMPLATE: Performance Pay Example Payroll Form for Tracking
Use this example to create or organize your performance based pay time card. Tracking labor is still a Federal and State law for overtime, so we need to track all work hours. Several states have varying overtime laws, please check your local and state legal requirements to meet the standards for pay plans.
iconTEMPLATE: Performance Pay Time Card or Pay Ticket
Here is an example time card to be used for tracking hours, pay and production style pay.
iconTEMPLATE: Performance Pay - Installation Task Time Detail
In this template find the various examples of installation task times. The various task times are broken into types such as gas furnace, A/C only, Split Systems, Oil, Hydronic and others so as a team your production can define how long it takes to effectively complete any installation and be satisfied the production pay plan is fair and even generous to them.
iconTEMPLATE: Marketing Plan Step By Step Slides
Step by step slides on marketing planning
iconTEMPLATE: Service Tech Example 1 - Productivity Pay Plan
This is a sample pay plan. Each company should modify to fit its own culture and state requirements if any. The goal is to provide a template to work from, including quality control and integrity as core values in the pay plans use.
iconDOCUMENT: Performance Based Pay for Installation Production
Learn about the fundamentals of productivity pay, what many will refer to as performance based pay. The idea behind performance pay systems is simple - align the workflow and the pay plans with the company interests of more productivity. When it works well, quality is controlled well, call backs are minimized and the production employees can earn up by being more productive and sharing in that increase via pay or rewards. The key concept is alignment - where all parties involved have the same vested interest. The controls of integrity and quality are important and discussed inside the materials and templates for pay systems.
iconDOCUMENT: Service Margins and How to Manage Them Up
In this brief article, you can learn some ideas on improving the margins in Demand Service. We have many areas to manage in service, and so many areas can go wrong quickly eroding our gross margins. So in this article, we discuss the idea of controlling the costs and managing the gross margin so you hit the target for your goal setting exercise.
iconDOCUMENT: The Media Plan - How, Why, and an Example
A media plan is simple, it just details the various advertising choices (mediums) a company will use to communicate a message to your prospects. Since there are so many, we need to choose how we place those ads, when, what times they show up, and a media plan gives us a big picture for what we are going to say, who we are going to say it too, and how often we plan to say it on what advertising vehicles. A sample media plan layout with a target audience, demographics, and ideas around what one may want to say to your prospects is in the template along with additional documents to support you asking the right questions.
iconDOCUMENT: Planning - Labor Control in a Company - Maximize Productivity
In any company that has labor, be it a plumbing company or HVAC, Pest Control, Solar you name it - the idea of labor to service or install a product is central to creating not only a quality customer experience but a profit as well. The price of the materials is a known figure but our labor is a variable that sometimes moves around and we need to understand how to control any variance, plan for the idea it can happen on applications and create a price that helps us make a profit. Learn the fundamentals of labor management and planning for labor capacity.
iconDOCUMENT: Performance Based Productivity Pay for Service
In this best practice, learn about the methods of service department productivity pay plans. Use the templates as a guideline for how you may want to structure your own performance pay systems for field techs and also the mid management of the labor teams.
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