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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
This Weeks Featured Content
Watch Now to Learn How to Price for Profit and Finalize More Sales with Financing
Yesterday, EGIA Contractor University Faculty Member and industry expert Drew Cameron delivered an insightful webinar presentation for all EGIA members titled "Price for Profit and Finalize More Sales with Financing". You can now view a recording of the webinar and download Drew's Pricing for Profit Educational Pamphlet and Electronic Pricing Worksheet at the links below.
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Register for the New Orleans Conference!
We are only 2 weeks away from the next EGIA Contractor University Conference in New Orleans. Register today to reserve your seat and ensure that the free conference registrations that are included with your membership don't go to waste! You won't want to miss this power-packed educational event that already has contractors from across the country buzzing.
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Upcoming Conferences
New Orleans, LA
March 16th & 17th
St. Louis, MO
April 13th & 14th
Philadelphia, PA
May 4th & 5th
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HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Overcoming Price
Recently, we've gotten a few questions asking how to overcome the Price Objection. If you've viewed any of our training or gone through the curriculum of the HVAC Sales Academy, you'll notice that we speak very adamantly against dropping your price to get a deal unless under very special circumstances. It's hard to stick to your guns and refuse to drop your price when you see all of your competitors doing it, especially on the higher-end equipment where the markup is even higher. A common concern people run in to is "Am I pricing myself out of the game?" Although this is a legitimate concern to have, the short answer to this question is "No." Your sales process, when run correctly, should take care of the price objection for you.
HVAC Sales Academy Video
Premium EGIA Members: Log-in at the link below and click on the HVAC Sales Academy box in the Contractor Portal to watch this week's training to learn more about overcoming price.
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Upcoming EGIA Contractor University Educational Workshops
Below is a summary of the EGIA Contractor University educational workshops that are scheduled during the month of March. Premium members can pay for the cost of attending these events by utilizing their EGIA Contractor University savings account funds that they earn each month as a result of their membership investment. For a full list of workshops, visit www.egia.org/events.
MAR 21 — Customer Service Representative Coaching – Philadelphia, PA
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MAR 21-22 — Advanced Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation – Dallas, TX
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MAR 22-23 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional – Chicago, IL
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MAR 22-23 — Technician Communication & Selling – St Louis, MO
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MAR 23-24 — Service Operations Excellence – Houston, TX
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MAR 28 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – Sacramento, CA
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MAR 28 — Introduction to Branding & Marketing Excellence – Chicago, IL
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MAR 29-30 — The Invincible Replacement Sales Professional Workshop – Atlanta, GA
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MAR 30 — Leadership for Entrepreneurs – San Diego, CA
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PRESS RELEASE: EGIA Contractor University Conferences & Workshops Deliver Business Success Strategies That Are Driving Transformational Growth for Contractors
Contractors Given Never-Before-Seen Access to Industry Leaders and Their Roadmaps to Success as EGIA Officially Launches Contractor University Conference Tour and In-Person Educational Workshops
On February 9 and 10, the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA), a nonprofit organization serving a nationwide network of home services contractors, officially kicked-off the 2017 EGIA Contractor University Conference Tour in San Diego, its first of five stops nationwide. The conference publicly marks the launch of EGIA Contractor University's in-person events, which offer contractors heretofore unheard-of access to some of the industry's most influential thought leaders and educators.
The San Diego conference brought together hundreds of contractors committed to growing and improving their businesses, along with many industry experts, including keynotes Mark Matteson and Ellen Rohr. Each shared strategies targeted to improving particular pain points in a contracting business – as well as big picture growth opportunities – all set to the backdrop of peer-to-peer networking, vendor exhibitions and the historic Hotel del Coronado. After a day-and-a-half, attendants walked away with a wholly reinvented business strategy and were primed for transformational business growth.
"What EGIA has provided is really a great service," said Kenneth Gibson of Gibson Heating and Cooling, an attendant in San Diego. "It's very rare that you can get all these people into a room together at one time -- and really interact with them outside of the breakout sessions. So if you do have a question that's specific to you, you can get an answer."
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