February 7, 2017
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EGIA Contractor University Weekly Update
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Drew Cameron,
President, HVAC Sellutions and Energy Design Systems, Inc.
HVAC Sales Academy Weekly Show
Marketing Concept Overview
A solid, effective marketing plan is one of the essential building blocks of a company. It's easy to get caught up in the sales side of things. Sales is what brings the money in and keeps your doors open. "Nothing happens until something gets sold." Well, marketing is how we find people to sell things to. Seems simple enough, doesn't it? What if we told you that marketing was about more than just getting your name out there and hoping people call? Before you even start putting a marketing plan together, you need to understand the basic concepts of marketing, how it works, why it works, and what marketing options are available to you. To give us a deeper understanding of these marketing concepts, we turn once again to the President of EPC Equity and EGIA Contractor University Faculty Member, Gary Elekes.
HVAC Sales Academy Video
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HVAC Business Best Practice Weekly Update
The following training materials have been added this week to the HVAC Business Best Practices online training platform. Premium members can now log-in to the EGIA Contractor Portal to access these resources.
iconVIDEO: Marketing Concepts - What is Marketing, a Model, Branding, and a Plan
In this video, we overview the process of marketing in a service business. From defining marketing in its simplest terms to defining how branding strategy is different than lead generation. We also explore the basic fit of marketing as it relates to a business plan. We review the elements and fundamentals needed to get your firm in the best possible position to compete and generate leads. We discuss a general budget for marketing expenditures and we talk through the BIG IDEAS in marketing which can focus your energies and resources. This is a starting point video setting up the remaining practices to generate leads and maximize your marketing return on investment.
iconVIDEO: Marketing & Leads - The Brand Promise - What Is It and Why Is It Important?
In this video, we review the concept of a Brand Promise. We describe what a Brand Promise is and why it becomes important to a company when developing their marketing strategies. We delve into the concept of sample promises and how they affect consumers, as well as the ability to advertise and deliver on that idea. It is important for all companies to have a strong brand promise then live up to the idea by operationally matching those principles.
iconVIDEO: The Marketing Model - Disciplines in Aligning Goals with a Marketing Model
In this video, we review the concept of using a marketing model to improve your discipline and ensure marketing success. We all want to achieve our marketing and sales goals but only a few of us use a model to make certain that the choices we make fit our strategy and marketing goals. Most companies shoot from the hip when it comes to marketing and promotions, or worse yet, don't try promotions for fear of costs or negative profitability. By utilizing a marketing model, a company can be certain that the correct questions have been asked and answered, as well as know the type of medium picked will function as desired. Results are always a variable, but what is not, is the brand impressions and the idea that having a focused approach to choosing your advertising plan will give you better odds at having success towards your goals. There are many models and we take you through a successful approach.
iconVIDEO: Market Research and Market Intelligence
In this video, we will review how to calculate your market potential for products and services. Many companies will ask how to set goals. The first steps in goal setting are to determine how big the pie is, define who the target market is and calculate how many homes are actually in that target market. Learn the process of calculating your company’s share of market for equipment replacement, service, maintenance, IAQ and use these as guidelines to help your growth objectives for goal setting.
iconTEMPLATE: Setting Goals and Tracking Milestones for Achievement
One of the most important parts of life, and sales, is goal setting. We want to establish goals for our business career just like we do for our health, family, community and more. This template allows you to establish a set of goals that are in alignment with your personal vision and purpose, along with your core values. It becomes a daily planner as well as a reminder of your goals and all of the important aspects of your life including selling equipment, service agreements, accessories and lead turnovers. Every single technician and employee should have a personal achievement system in place and review it daily.
iconDOCUMENT: The Service Technician Selling Process
This article describes the elements within the service technician sales process. Customers come in all shapes, sizes, personality profiles, mindsets and our service technicians must be equipped and trained to deal with all of them. In the digital age, we have no choice but to be exceptional at our customer experience, operational work in the home and with our clients or we will suffer a negative review and/or brand sabotage. We always speak about fixing the customer first and then the technical problem second, and this has never been more true. In this area of content, we examine the steps in a service call process, but also the skills required for a technician to be exceptional. There are multitudes of training and support behind these concepts so review these materials to get a sense for the repair versus replace process and how we can transact a service club agreement, if not sell a new replacement.
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