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    1. By signing below, Contractor agrees to adhere to EGIA’s standard of providing superior service and products. Contractor shall not engage in any type of fraud, misrepresentation, or unfair or deceptive practices in any form of sales, marketing or advertising.
    2. Contractor shall possess and maintain in good standing all licenses, certificates, insurance and bonding required by state and local laws.
    3. Contractor will make no specific guarantee of energy savings resulting from equipment or services, which are not provided, by the equipment manufacturer or authorized state or federal agency.
    4. Contractors shall not use any EGIA logos without abiding by EGIA’s logo use guidelines.
    5. Contractor agrees to defend, indemnify and hold EGIA, its utility partners or energy efficiency/renewable program sponsors harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, claims and costs arising from or pertaining to the acts or omissions of the Contractor, it’s agents, employees and subcontractors and for any breaches of Contractor’s warranties and obligations under this agreement.
    6. The EGIA Financing Program is offered as an EGIA member benefit. EGIA does not approve or decline contractors or customers for the program. All underwriting is performed by EGIA’s financial services partners.
    7. EGIA’s financial service providers are solely responsible for providing any credit decisions. EGIA assumes no responsibility for “approving” or “denying” loan applications.
    8. EGIA membership is not required for contractors who are only participating in EGIA administered utility and state sponsored energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.
    9. EGIA membership is required for all contractors wishing to utilize any of EGIA’s exclusive member benefit programs or offer EGIA financing outside of an EGIA utility or state sponsored program.
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